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Spain Murcia golf real estate bedroom
Isla Rondella: House  direct on the golf course . Golf real estate Spain Murcia bedrooms
Isla Rondella: Houses  direct on the golf place . Spain Murcia golf real estate kitchen
Isla Rondella: House  direct on the golf course . Golf real estate Spain Murcia sitting-room
Isla Rondella: Houses  direct on the golf place . Spain Murcia golf real estate roof terrace
Isla Rondella: House  direct on the golf course . Golf real estate Spain Murcia photo house
Isla Rondella: Houses  direct on the golf place . Waste separation after the best German standard
Prejudices against Spanish waste customs? At least in the golf resorts of Polaris there is garbage separation completely according to the German model. Golf car
Only the groundsman is here underway to supervise the quality of the work, however, here the inhabitants of the golf settlement will soon be with your golf cars on the way. The mountain is called “ big head “
Golf course with aquatic obstacle and sand bunker. Behind the limitation wall of the golf resorts is the mountain looking like a big head. Village place with well
No old Spanish village with well but a new settlement within a golf course established only just. Summer cottages in the golf course
Directly in the golf course are the rows of the houses. Here one sees behind the aquatic obstacle in the golf course 3 villas of the type Perdiguera are to be seen. Golf resort Marmenor
Entrence area with videosupervision and security. Behind the walls the settlement with the golf course is a well protected area for the inhabitants. Refrigerator
The refrigerator works like a heat pump. The compressor pushes the coolant with high pressure into the condenser on the rearside. The condenser becomes warmer. Morning sun in winter
No effect has the deep standing morning sun in winter on the white wall.The higher temperature above is by the floor heating. External wall temperature
Left from the window is an internal wall, right from the window the front door. At an older not so good insulated house would be the external wall colder. Roof window
Good visible, the frame of the window is the worst cold bridge. So is at a window the u-value for the glass and the complete window listed. Infrared thermometer
We go on our thermal discovery journey with this infrard thermometer. Push the button the measure the surface temperature. Purpose conflict: no roof covered with greenery
Nevertheless, a few points of the otherwise very good Salzburg building furtherance support stand in the contradiction to own planning sighting. So the furtherance points for roof covered with greenery. Quality of life: simple to bethink
News and statements on current topics concerning the energy transition, climate protection and the necessary development towards worldwide wealth. Oil price record helps to save energy
Just at new record heights, this thermic desolate residential building gets suddenly a partway usefull thermic insulation. Low energy house after 23 years
23 years degraded the passive house performance. Special the air tightness of the windows worsened. The energy demand doubled. Sera wall heating from the passive house in Salzburg
To have more comfort and less energy damand, Ing. Heinz Eggert developt 1979 a wall heating for his passive house project. Mechanic for the thermal protection of the windows
Special for this house are this fittings developt to open and close the thermal protection in front of the windows from inside. Insie is a crank. Night insulation for the windows
In winter are 2/3 night and 1/3 day. To reduce thermal looses in the long winter nights, all windows and glas doors are with a foldaway thermal protection. Fourfold glazing for u=0,8 thermal insulation
There was 1980 no offer for  thermal insulation glazing like today. Ing.Heinz Eggert constructed doors and windows himself. Air collector roof
Direct below the aluminium roof ascend warm air. The air heated by the warm roof is pulled by a 300 Watt ventialator through cavums in the walls. Passive house pioneer in Salzburg: Ing. Heinz Eggert
With an energy demand for heating like 400 to 500 litre fuel oil equivalent for 170m² living space, the house from 1980 is within todays standards for passive houses. Bayern - Pilsting - Pfarrer Müller Street 1 - 100000 roof PV program
Buyer Karner / Thomas: 1.4 kW peak Kyocera KC 120 photovoltaic modules. Fronius midi inverter, thermic solar collectors 28 m² east and west side. Bayern - Pilsting Lilien Street 2 - 100000 roof program
Buyer Meindl. 2.97 kW peak photovoltaic, Sunny Boy inverter. Bayern - Pilsting - Pflegau 41 - 100000 roofs photovoltaic program
Buyer: Roland Zeller, 5,16 kW peak photovoltaic, 2 Sunny Boy inverter.