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District heating: Engine wastre heat in the district heating net
The waste heat of the gas engine is fed here into the district heating net. Gas engine generates from wood electric power and heat
The wooden gas is convertet  with this engine by the ''Jenbacher Werke'' in electric power and heat. Gas cleaning with rapeseed oil
The gas cleaner reduces tar, ammonia and sour gas components in the wooden gas with rapeseed oil. All rest materials are supplied by a special procedure again into the process. Product gas filter
In a fabric filter, left part of the picture, becomes the wooden gas cleaned from dust. Wood carburetor
At 850 degrees the biomass is gasified under supply by steam in the whirl layer steam carburetor. From it occurs a product gas poor in tar free of nitrogen with high heat value. Elevator and transport snail for wood
The wood is carried in the yellow elevator upwards and then with the transport snail down. The carburetor is sealed thus against gas escape on the wrong side. Powerplant electric power and heat by wood schema
On the day container is the schma for the power plant. From the most important points you see on the next sides photos of the real arrangements. Day container for wood in the power station
From the wood chip shred mountains the excavator brings the wood chip shreds in the direct stock container for the power station. Further it goes on a subterranean conveyor belt. Wood transport to the day container
Wood chips are substantially lighter than an earth, hence, this dredge for moving wood chips has a substantially bigger excavator shovel than it would be possible with earth. Wood chip shred mountains
These mountains of wood chip shreds are about 6 meters high. Conveyor belt piles up the wood chips
With a conveyor belt accumulates the freshly hacked wood chips to mountains. Wood chips
Perhaps, if the village edge of Güssing gets closer and closer, the shredder work on the wood chips will be performed somewhere else and the wood chips will be brought with a truck to the powerplant. Mobile wooden comminution in the wood shredder
Such a shredder is neither quiet on one side nor dust free. On the other side, a powerplant producing not only electric power but also heat should be as near as possible at the consumers. The crane carries the wood to the shredder
A mobile shredder arrangement is on the power station area. This shredder works mostly for the power station. But it can be also hired to shredder wood. Wooden pile for the energy production
Beside 2 MW powerplant is this wood pile. The wood comes from the region, the routes of transport are short and the efficiency high. Powerplant Güssing: 2 MW BHKW - electric power and heat of wood
The new type of powerplant using wood has 85% total efficiency. The electric power generation 25..28%. A realized EU-research project for the CO2 reduction. Warm water out of the buffer storage from the heating
By a plate heat exchanger is tap water warmed up during the passage. No time for bacterias to breed in the warm water. Heat pump for warm water and heating
Compact in one unit with the buffer storage, the system manages the warmth from the photovoltic moudules, heating and cooling of the earth collector. Backside of a combined photovoltaic modul
Horizontal the common cooling pipe, vertically the capillar pipes for the cooling of the photovoltaic cells. Every degree Celsius cooling brings 0,48% more power. Photovoltaic modul with water cooling
The photovoltaic has 2 connections for cooling water. Warm with the warmth the swimming pool or the earth collector of the heat pump based heating system. Combined modul photovoltaic solar collector
Looks like a photovoltaic, delivers more electric power than a normal photovoltaic, because this modul delivers also heat at the same time and works so cooler. Wine temperier cupboard optimally put up
The norm consumption is determined at 25 degrees Celsius of ambient temperature. Depending on installation place bigger differences can appear. Wine climate cupboard
Prize question: Where does a wine climate cupboard uses more electric power: In a 10 to 15 degrees of warm cellar or in 20 to 25 degrees of warm kitchen? Deep freeze best located in the cellar
This deep freezer of Bosch is a class A with 237 kWh of annual consumption. This is measured to German Institute for Standardization with -18 degrees inside and 25 degrees of ambient temperature. With cellar build certainly about future
Oil and gas becomes expensive. Even if you start with a cheap gas heating, only with a cellar you have later enough place for the change on renewable energy. Compact gas heating in the storage
For what cellar if a modern gas heating has place also in a tiny storage? However, the gas price is coupled to the oil price, a change from shortage of space impossibly. Garden house device hut
Without cellar several square meters of garden must be sacrificed as a storage chamber. At -20 up to 50 degrees Celsius, only temperature-insensible materials can be stored there. Place for tires store
4 winter tires and again 4 winter tires for the second car of the woman in plastic bags. Where with it if one has built without cellar and also no garage exists? Cheap electric power for unprofessional solutions
An omnipresent sight in southern lands. The back chill unity of an air-conditioning stands on a terrace and makes noise with the ventilating fan. Spain Murcia golf real estate vestibule
Isla Perdiguera: House  direct on the golf course .