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Garden furniture Donut
A table mounts on a big round Donut with 6 seats, on it. A child amazed the exhibitor on the fair when it spontaneously called “Donut“, the name of the garden furniture. Room divider from fiber glass bars
A thick wood from fever glass sticks brings the visitor to the reflection whether this is a simple room divider or modern art. Designer sauna
Inside completely in Hemlock natur, outside Okoume blond and noble Wenge. As accessories there is color light therapy, loudspeaker and an alarm without cable. Bathtub runs over
But never mind because all around a overflow  bowl  full with stones is. In the overflow is also a lighting cyclically changing the colors. Here in the red phase. Bathroom accessories
Cotton donator and soap donator of ' Design im Griff' for the wall assembly. Turnable cloakroom hooks
5 cloth hooks for the cloakroom, once folded together, once turned for action. Foldable coat hooks
Mounted in order to save space on the wall, an arm with 6 notches for hanger can become folded out. Design in grip - furniture fittings
“Desgin im Griff“ - in the grip - as the company tells, design for furniture fittings under control Wheter coat hook, cloakroom chopping oder Badhroom accessories. Seat height adjust
As the third shifting element the height with the clutch can be still put below the seat completely regardless of the hardness of the seat. The swinging easyness: Side inclination put
Whether very stiffly or easily swinging with the rotary element in the underside of the armchair, according to body weight and how one feels best of all buoyant. Feather setting to the body weight adapt
The hardness of the springs is put with the rotary element on 45 to 130 kg weight. With the child model is the shifting area 25 to 50 kg. Bend forward in the seat with correct position back
Forwards bend leads with every normal seat to a crooked back. Not with the Swopper, the seat bends forwards, the back remains in correct position. Swopper health seat
Belly muscle training, back muscle training and something act good for the intervertebral discs. The Swopper allows all that in the seat during the work. Cooking tools
In the uppermost drawer are, after all, cooking tools, which I have never seen some before. Flatware case
Above the big drawer for the plates, the case is for the flatware. Drawer for crockery
Beside wing doors, a typical element of this kitchen is the store system. Here the lowest drawer for the plates. Kitchen with wing doors
At upwards opening wing doors one thinks as first of rare sports-cars. However, far from it, also with deluxe kitchens the wing door is used. Princess on the pea: Double bed with one mattress!
If I liked to be near my woman, gaps interfere in the bed immensely. There I become properly the princess on the pea. Only double beds like this with one mattress! French bed
After one hears in so many cheap shops, 2 mattresses with a gap to seperate the lovers is the last wisdom, finally, a right bed for a pair. Glass furniture
6 glass elements about one another, in each case with a rotary element with each other linked. Every single glass element can be turned in every wamted direction. Bureau furniture
At first sight it looks like a living room piece of furniture, however, behind the sliding doors hides everything what belongs to the new concept office entertainment. Bureau wall
First time shown on the IFA in Berlin 2005: Looks like a cupboard, but there is an office with big flat screen and a keyboard drawer. Revolvable cupboard
The big flat screen and other home entertainment components are on the other side of the cupboard. Turnable cupboard
Around the metal column in the middle this cupboard wall can be rotated. Now the Home entertainment side is in the foreground with the big flat television. Bose Dockingstation for Apple iPod
Lay the IPod in the dockingstation, already You can hear the music about the Bose box. An easy integration from iPod in a stereo. Bang & Olufsen in the ceremony hall of Viennese Hofburg
Crystal candlesticks, parquet ground and marbel columns of the ceremony hall create a luxurious ambience to present  the designer mark Bang & Olufsen well. Memorial for reason in urban development
I visit the GEMINI house after the panel discussion in Weiz. We will yield energy where we live, we will live where we yield energy. Instruments at the blower door test
At the frame of the door are the measuring tools- A good house has to be airtight. The air exchange is by the airing system with heat recovery. Is the house airtight: Blower door test
In the energy balance of well insulated houses, unwanted air exchange plays a big role. Was all the carefulness making the house airtight successfull shows this test. Wall construction wood
Heradomo shows a display case, how to reach with 35,5cm wall thickness on u=0.15. 0,5cm conver, 2cm ground, 5cm Heraklith BM, 20cm jamb and insulation, 1.5cm OSB plate.