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Solar resarch car
A car and a solar filling station. We are just before the turning point where mineral oil is much more expensive than electric power from the sun. Falling protection for snow shoveling on the roof
How to protect oneself at snow showeling on the roof? We found the specialist for this question on the booth of Sitex. A comprehensive report about this is in planing. Bendable photovoltaic
An other sort of product integration for the triple amorphous PV from Uni-Solar as flat roof sealing. The good performance at diffuse light makes also the usage on not south oriented roofs reasonable. Flat roof sealing
Triple amorphous photovoltaic from Uni Solar integrated into the flat roof sealing. Instead of costly mounting of the photovoltaic, it's already done with the roof sealing. Volume of solid fuels
Usage of space from solid fuels like wood from spruce, choped wood, sawdust, corn, straw from corn and Miscantus. Volume of fuels
Usage of space compared for fuel oil, oilseed rape oil, hard coal, ethanol, wood pellets, straw pellets and wood from spruce. Energy saving lamps with spectrum similar to the sun
The duty for energy saving calls, but has it really to be light with such a jagged spectrum. No! Full spectrum energy saving lamps are close to the sun light. Light for reading compared
Under the 60 Watt glow bulb looks the paper such yellowed like it would have been produced in the time of Edison. On the right side the energy saving full spectrum lamp. Glow lamp color reproduction vs energy saving bulb
Left the reddish from a 60 Watt glow lamp. Right are the colors looking natural, it's not a simle energy saving lamp, but a full spectrum lamp Distributing day light in a house
Such a light dome on the roof makes it possible to distribute the daylight to rooms, otherwise only to light with artificial light. Close to natural light
The spectrum of the light influences significantly well being and work performance. From distributing day light up to the energy saving lamp with close to daylight spectrum Laundry shaft
Throw Your laundry in the saft, and let it fall down in the big dirty clothes basket in the cellar just beside the washing machine. Underside lawnmower
The automatic lwanmower from below. Up: the steering wheels, up middle, the mower below the traction wheels with engine and batteries. Automatic lawnmower
idyll, nice houses with gardens. But suddenly, noise terror breaks the silence. A 2 stroke engine lawnmower. Involve in the war against (noise) terror! Airing for apartments or rooms
This airing device is designed for the renovation of old buildings, where other air to air heat recovery systems are difficult to install. Airing to install between ceilings
The flat airing for the air exchange of single appartments photographed from below. The unit is special designed for the installation between ceilings. Flat airing with heat recovery
Airing with heat recovery for multi appartment houses where each single appartment has such an airing unit installed flat below the ceiling. Preheating for the airing
When there is already a depp drilling for the heat pump, it's possbile to preheat the air for the air to air heat exchanger with this water to air heat exchanger. Ecological produced electric power in Austria
Two encounters at one day with the Ökostrom AG. At the booth, the people are pleased to see the pictures from their colleagues at the demonstration in front of the parliament. Insulation draught
A showcase on the booth of Isocell. Left below blows a hair dryer air into the show case. The left side is filled with Isocell, the table-tennis ball remains down. Wood protection for outside walls
The drip remains on the wood treated with Nano Cell wood. The wood remains after the Nano Cell treatment open for damp diffusion. Cable into cellar
In the empty pipe into cellar system from the last photo, different deployments for cables or pipes can be inserted. Pipes into cellar
The unused pipe into cellar system is sealed with a cover. The special tool is put on to remove the cover from the empty pipe into cellar. Cellar damages
Mr. Göllner explains what sort of damage occurs at bad constructed pipe break throughs in an water proof cellar. Mountainbike from wood
Stefan Paumann brought with his wooden bicycle the most creativ technical project 2004/2005 at the wood technic school in Kuchl. The result is an only 11,8kg heavy mountain bike Filter box for earth heat exchanger
Below the air input is this filter box before the air continues to the long pipe below the earth, the earth to air heat exchanger. Humidity recovery from waste air
Unitl now, humidity recovery was only with rotating heat exchangers possible, This countercurrent heat exchanger is out of a material to recover also humidty. 60 squaremeter heat exchanger
Not out of plates, but from channels exists this gegenstrom crosscurrent heat exchanger. The exchange surface is 3 times larger than in usual heat exchangers. Summer bypass flap
In the lower part of the device the bypass flap. Some other vendors deliver this only as special accessory. But 2 to 3% of the air could go the wrong way. Air exchange with ventilator from outside
The ventilators are only in the air streams seperated by the heat exchanger from the living space. The heat exchanger beomes in this way also a silencer.