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Photovoltaic window
MSK - Making Solar Work shows a photovoltaic window. New possibilities for the building integration of photovoltaic at office buildings and shopping centers. Inside a heat pump
Schüco makes a look inside a heat pump possilble. The compressor (right) liquifies the coolant with high pressure into the condenser. Skater course surface
In the skater course surface is a solar collector integrated. So it's possible to change the scater course in winter for ice skating or to heat the near by swimming pool in summer. Sport ground surface
Sport ground surface with heat exchanger. With this, it's possible to head to swimming pool in summer time. In winter, it's possible to use a tennis court for ice skating. Swimming pool heating
A solar collector for swimming pool heating can not only be installed on a roof. Solkav shows integration in sports grounds, footpaths and streets. Fair halls Freiburg Intersolar 2006
In the foreground the parking lot, from left to right fair hall 1 to 4, the outside part of the exhibition and the extension of the exhibition area in tents. Cheap vegetable oil micro CHP cogen
Because of the cheap Indian Standmotor, the complete CHP can be offered at an far lower price than usual in Germany. Valve controll by a pestle
At an low RPM stationary engine are also pestles good enough for the valve controll. The engine looks like, that a good mechanican can repair everything. Cheap Diesel engine
Even the starter battery is in India a luxury. Normal to start with a starting handle. An engine optimized for the rural areas of India. Photovoltaic from India
This photovoltaic modul from Central Electronics is complete made in India. Starting with the silicon are all parts “made in India“ Sun watch - landmark of the Indian hall
The exhibition area from India on the Hnnoer industry fair 2006 starts with a big sun watch. Shrads bring luck
First he lets the photovoltaic module fall down, later he even steps on it. It does not matter, this new CIS module from OderSun withstands the bad treatment. Flexible CIS Photovoltaic
Silicon shortage is no problem, photovoltaic can be produced with many better  features out of other materials. Here a flexible CIS modul. Flywheel to store electric power
Simple iron. Because the equilibration of wind energy fluctuations is an stationary task, expensive super materials do not pay off. Flywheel storage
For off grid systems with wind energy, the flywheel storage equilibrates the continual fluctuations of the wind energy. 5 kWh storage capacity  and 200kW peak power for 90 seconds. Enercon E82 wind power plant
The biggest attraction in hall 13 was the Enercon 82 wind power plant Look at the details of the wind energy technic from close distance. Gas - biogas - fuel cell
Many different sorts of gas can be used in the hot high temperature fuel cell to be converted into electric power and 400 degree hot used air. The used air can be used for industrial applications. Hot high temperature fuel cell
The fair sensation at stationary electric power production. 49% efficiency at electric power and for many industrial appliciacations suitable 400 degree used air temperature. CHP fuel cell instead of combustion engine
CHP had been only economically for large consumers. This fuel cell for Diesel or gas with 1 kW electricity and 4,5 kW heat will make the use in single family houses possible. Hall roofs with photovoltaic
10 years ago, I would have been enthusiatic about the photovoltaic modules on the roofs of the fair halls. Flat escalator from parking lot south to the Hannover fair
Spacial compressed tele photo over the several hundred meter lont flat escalator from the parking lot to the entrance of the Hannover fair. Sera wall heating around window
How to detour with a copper pipe wall heating around a window shows SERA on his booth. We already wrote about his house of the passive house pioneer from Salzburg. Cotton as liquid tapestry
This special cotton is also called liquid tapestry. The material on the demonstration wall is simple made wet. The wet material can be distributed with a spatula. Wall design with cotton
How extravagantly is the production of such a wall design? The next page shows, with the appropriate material simple some movements with a spatula. Cotton wall surface
On the 3 walls of the booth, a plenitude of different patterns and effects for the wall design. All carried out by cooton. CityEl instruments
Photo from the instruments of an CityEl, a single seat electric car for the city traffic. CityEl with 4 batteries
The newer model has a compact electric engine left in the pictture. So there is now place for 4 batteries behind the drivers seat. CityEl Austria
It's possible to save much money with the CityEl compared to a car, if someone is mostly underway in the municipal area. Please refuel only with solar energy
Gag on the resarch mobile. Charging batteries, there is no difference between atomic power electricity and solar electricity, but this should show the intention. Engine and batteries in rear
6 of the 8 Nickel Cadmium batteries are together with the engine in the rear part. The remaining 2 NiCd batteries are in the front luggage boot.