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Critique Fraunhofer ISE “Pathways to a Climate-Neutral Energy System“
For 2050, grotesquely few batteries are envisaged. Instead of enough batteries and Power to X, there will be electricity exports at the lowest price and electricity imports in extremely high price periods. Battery usage after the car
What becomes a footballer if he gets too lame? Coach. What becomes a battery of an electric car when it brings less than 80% of its capacity? Stationary battery. PV-Austria with flexible Photovoltaic
What actually became of all the architecturally sweeping roof solutions after the end of Unisolar? Here, new flexible roof solutions with crystalline photovoltaics from PV-Austria. How spans fields with photovoltaic
Many plants have a higher yield when shadowed a little bit. The use of cableway technology is leading to a revolution in photovoltaic free-fall systems. BYD modular power storage
It will cost about 500 EUR per kWh of storage capacity. As late as 2016, I spoke of the 1500 EUR cartel. With this offer, my recommendation turns from wait to buy. Memorial to SolarWorld
Here at the entrance from the west entrance of the trade fair to the hall A1 was the fair booth of SolarWorld for many years. I have often seen her Mr. Asbeck personally. Details about the portable solar system
More details about the 300 W AC 400 Wh battery portable solar system. 400 Wh portable solar power system
Views from the front, left and right with the connections. Accessories portable solar system
In the top of the box are 3 boxes with all the connecting cables and a charger. Portable solar system for supply up to refrigerator
On the box show the 4 sides, what the device can do everything. Input 230 V AC via mains adapter, 12V car connection, solar input, output USB, 12 V, start a car and 230 V AC .. PPS - Portable power supply in stable packaging
In a box, in which the box fits exactly with the device, it arrives. Beijing Shanghai high speed train
The line will be opened soon. 5 hours from Beijing to Shanghai. At the Station Nanking produces a 10,67 MW photovoltaic from CSUN 9 GWh electric power per year. Spring autumn start 48 Latitude
Path of the sun in early spring and early autumn on 48. degreee north. Video (7 MB). Single frame from the video from 12:00 noon .. Overview of a land for energy village
Approaching to a village with 24 houses. At the end of the video, You see the access road to the underground parking below the 3rd row of houses. From the Free-field photovoltaic plant to the inhabited solar power plant
The video symbolizes the philosophy of the solar land, an outdoor system is raised by 2.6 m, the houses and their  residents will become gradually visible. BYD will be 21th century Ford and General Electric
Thomas Edison and Henry Ford shaped with their inventions and companies the live in the 20th century. Wang Chuanfu will be as important in the 21th century. Solar home system
Built up living standard photovoltaic by photovoltaic was 2003 a theory of PEGE. The practice comes by BYD. 1000 solar home systems donated for Tibet. Fluorescent lamp before end? LED!
Since decades the standard lightning in offices. But what here lights are LEDs Halogen lamp before end? LED!
The halogen lamp is only a little bit improved bulb. What looks here like halogen lamps are all LED lamps. Energy-saving bulb before end? LED!
The energy saving bulb needs time until full brightness and looses brighness after long usage. It will be replaced by LED lamps in the next years. Cheap fundation
Are private houses becoming cheaper by photovoltaic on the field? Using this methods for foundation makes a cost reduction possible. Leaning photovoltaic facade
Lean to facade is the new ready to use system from Schüco called. Big halls can be easy equipped with a photovoltaic facade to reduce cooling demand and to produce electric power. Applied Materials - Schüco
Applied Materials introduces a new owner of a photovoltaic factory. Schüco is now an further owner of a SunFab of Applied. BP greenwashing in perfection
At the BP fair booth at the Intersolar 2010 photovoltaic fair a green actor. The term “greenwaching“ in perfection visualised. Dragan Fecit
The Monumen of the Daker king Decebalus is created 40m high in the rock. What looks  like an ancient memorial is created from 1994 to 2004. Greatest stone sculpture in Europe
The Danube down seen to the left is this 40 m heigh sculpture created in the rock. Tabula Traiana
The board has been taken higher when the Danube water power plant had been built 1972. Now only to visit from the water. Here had been once the Roman military street Danube south. Street Washed Out
Yesterday used, today a hole in the street. Presumably by under washing the street. Material was carreid away by water until the surface collapsed. Hole in street
I drove down this street with my car on August 17th and stopped just in time to avoid this large sinkhole. It will be a big surprise for all the foreigners that drive way too fast... Cooling on the house
A hotel in Herculane from a time where architects thought that an additional radiator is cheaper than thermal insulation. The concret beam on the concret wall cools additional.