Heating costs

Your house of apartment is built past 1984? In most cases, You will see, this company building from 1984 has less heating costs per squaremeter.

Winter kWh electricity Electric power Natural gas EUR/m²
1998 / 1999 25264 3660.-DM 30.-DM 2,99
1999 / 2000 21698 3100.-DM   2,51
2000 / 2001 17362 2518.-DM 317.-DM 2,29
2001 / 2002 16900 1335.-EUR 600.-EUR 3,14
2002 / 2003 17478 1506.-EUR 312.-EUR 2,95
2003 / 2004 19717 1945.-EUR   3,16
2004 / 2005 14700 1660.-EUR 915.-EUR 4,18
2005 / 2006 18530 2175.-EUR   3,53
2006 / 2007 15800 1800.-EUR   2,92

  State of technology from 1984

If You have more heating costs per m² in a similar climate like southern Germany, southern Bavaria around Berchtesgaden haben, Your rooms are worse than the technology standard from 1984.

  Rationality not able to win the market

This building was planned in the time of the second oil crisis. It was built like it was reasonable in sight of the 2. oil crisis. But the governing did everything, that rationality was not able to win on the market, the logical consequence, the 3rd oil crisis.

  Heat of earth

Not only take but also give is the newest trend at heat of earth usage. We document this in the view of a company building from 1984.

Company building Company building
Built 1984 with 24 m² heat collectors on the roof. 2005 had been 153 m² photovoltaic with 21.65 kW peak added. The estimeated yearly yield was 20500 kWh, 2007 was the yield 22400 kWh.

Heat collectors Heat collectors
Full with water collector system. For warming up the earth collector is also a low temperature enough. Sometimes also without sun, when the air is warm enough.

Switchboard for the heat management Switchboard for the heat management
Original from 1984, this switchboard controlls the heatpump, the 2 earth collectors and the heat collector on the roof.

Earth-collector Earth-collector
Take not only heat, give also heat. The earth collector as a low temperature saisonal storage. Heat from the 24 m² solar collector on the roof heat up the earth collector.

Heat pump Siemens SA 30 P Heat pump Siemens SA 30 P
In front of the company building outside is this 29 kW heat pump. At a heat pump, each degree Celsius teperature difference is important.

Floor heating Floor heating
Floor heating is not equal to floot heating. A very uniform distribution of the heat makes a very low input temperature possible. Less electric power demand at the heat pump.

Climate controll by the floor Climate controll by the floor
The conference room has a large window to the south side. When the sun shines into the room, the floor is direct heated up. A floor heating can take away the heat.