Photovoltaic - Electric power direct from light

Even a far north situated industrial nation like Germany could produce a big part of the needed energy by the roofs of the houses. Photovoltaic has much potential.

Photovoltaic production CO2 emission Photovoltaic production CO2 emission
Proudly announces Evergreensolar with only 25,4 g CO2 per kWh solar electric power at their photovoltaic modules. At the calculation, the CO2 at the production is distributed on 25 years.

Sharp concentrating cell Sharp concentrating cell
Current under development, more than 40% efficiency of the photovoltaic ceell at 500 times concentrated sunlight is the target. Below each lense, an only 7mm * 7mm cell.

Fashion color black: new photovoltaic with more achievement Fashion color black: new photovoltaic with more achievement
With an increase in output of the crystalline silicon cells also there came a color change. Instead of up to now blue gleaming, present the new cells in deep black.

Double-sided photovoltaic half transparent: Janus Double-sided photovoltaic half transparent: Janus
This on both sides active photovoltaic offers new creation elements for the architecture. Maybe a garden fence or the balustrade for a patio.

Photovoltaic compare
A 20 Watt crystalline silicon photovoltaic from 1998 vs 3 layer amorphous from Uni-Solar. Under dense clouds, the crystalline PV has no chance.

Turnable solar equipment on the GEMINI house Turnable solar equipment on the GEMINI house
A hot summer day with the huge windows always turned to the sun? No, to hot. To solve the problem, the solar equipment can turn independent from the house.

Photovoltaic world record Photovoltaic world record
12,5 ms ² and 1,550 watts with one modul makes the world-biggest photovoltaic possible. The modul is from Ertl lower Austria.

Fire brigade can refuse extinguishing Fire brigade can refuse extinguishing
Who holds jet of water on something what leads up to 1,000 volts of tension? This photovoltaic switches off at 100 degrees and does not endanger the fire brigade.

Transparent photovoltaic Transparent photovoltaic
The connecting leads are hidden in the metal frame. The photovoltaic cells generate energie from light of both sides. So, this module is also called Janus.

Photovoltaic from India Photovoltaic from India
This photovoltaic modul from Central Electronics is complete made in India. Starting with the silicon are all parts ''made in India''

  Energy supply with renewable energy

Huge changeovers in our energy supply are imminent. We report over the condition of the technologies and their future-potential of different sources of energy.

Thin layer photovoltaic Thin layer photovoltaic
Less material and less energy usage at the production, good outcome at cloudy sky and the possibility for flexible PVs are the advantages of thin film technology.

Photovoltaic roof integration Photovoltaic roof integration
Reduce costs by photovoltaic roof integration instead of making the roof and all the photovoltaic seperat with much more work time.

Photovoltaic and heat combined Photovoltaic and heat combined
Cogeneration of electric power and heat from one modul. Optimal utilization of roofs by combined production of electric power and heat on the same area.

Photovoltaic Inverter
Inverters for the grid connection of photovoltaic systems. Directory over all our reports about inverters.

Photovoltaic off grid systems Photovoltaic off grid systems
Off grid photovoltaic systems. Directory over all our reports about off grid PV systems.

Solar thermic Solar thermic
Producing heat by solar energy. Directory over all our reports about thermic solar energy usage.

Wind energy - wind power plants Wind energy - wind power plants
Wind power plants. Directory over all our reports about wind energy.

Renewable energy from biomass Renewable energy from biomass
Biomass can in an dense inhabited industry country be only a complement to electric power from sun and wind. At all enthusiasm for biomass, do not neglect the photovoltaic.

Energy from wood Energy from wood
Where is energy from wood usefull in a long term? Where is the use of wood for energy maybe only a short time fashion hype without sustainability?

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