Heated garage

Our future electric cars and Plug-in Hybrid cars will have barely excess heat. How to heat such a vehicle in winter? An idea for this: the heated garage.

Is this not wastefulness, will the experienced ecologist say here in the first moment. At using fossil energy, this can only be answered by a clear yes. A heating system in the car by gasoline or diesel instead of heating the whole car and the garage. But gasoline and diesel will increase much in price, electricity will increase much less in price.

  Electric heating vs heat pump

For the passenger department of our future cars will be an electric heating system. This changes the question wastefullness or not very much. There is a electric heating in the passenger department vs heating by heat pump of the garage. A good heat pump makes at domestic war water with 60 degree Celsius 3 times the heat as used electric power, at a low temperature heating 5 times.

But here will this number go up 2 times. While the living room needs 20 to 25 degree Celsius, for the garage are 10 to 15 enough. While in most cases the heat is taken out of a 2 to 8 degree warm media, the combination of photovoltaic and thermal collector will heat up the underground to 10 to 15 degree.

Maybe in the first cold nights in autumn, when the ground below the house is warmed up much from the summer, there will be no heat pump necessary, only a pump.

  Modified policies

There are policies for the minimal air exchange in a garage. This policies are thought for vehicles with ICE internal combustion engines using the ICE to leave and enter the garage.

  Construction project standard 2020

Planning 2008, realisation 2009, construction standard 2020. PEGE does not plan a super house, but only the standard, the simple average in an oil free future.

From the Gemini house to the house project 2009
PEGE started 1991 with the GEMINI project to lead humanity to the solar age. Now we want to introduce the building standard from 2020