At least 8 dead in the elderly: no photovoltaics

The report on CNN shows huge roof surfaces but not a single photovoltaic. This omission could lead to an prosecution of negligent killing.

When helpless old people are in the care of an organization, this organization has to ensure the security of their protection orders.

Florida is hot, Florida is hurricane area. Therefore, severe storms are expected to result in power failures. Therefore, the question must also be asked what can be the consequences of a power failure? The carefree handling of these dangers led to eight death sacrifices in a Florida home.

The video on CNN shows a large flat building, a huge roof, not a single photovoltaic. How do you feel as responsible? Perhaps there were already representatives of solar companies there, perhaps one had them abominated "We need not, the electricity comes from the outlet". What does the prosecutor's office think of it? Is prosecution brought about by negligent killing? Will the responsible persons be an indicted, as well as a car driver who has seriously alcoholized a fatal traffic accident?

Will people who have no photovoltaic installed on the roof and enough batteries soon treated the same as drunken drivers?

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