Intersolar Trade Fair Munich 2017

Intersolar is growing again after years of shrinkage in 2016 only six halls were there in 2017 seven halls were occupied again.

Memorial to SolarWorld Memorial to SolarWorld
Here at the entrance from the west entrance of the trade fair to the hall A1 was the fair booth of SolarWorld for many years. I have often seen her Mr. Asbeck personally.

BYD modular power storage BYD modular power storage
It will cost about 500 EUR per kWh of storage capacity. As late as 2016, I spoke of the 1500 EUR cartel. With this offer, my recommendation turns from wait to buy.

How spans fields with photovoltaic How spans fields with photovoltaic
Many plants have a higher yield when shadowed a little bit. The use of cableway technology is leading to a revolution in photovoltaic free-fall systems.

PV-Austria with flexible Photovoltaic PV-Austria with flexible Photovoltaic
What actually became of all the architecturally sweeping roof solutions after the end of Unisolar? Here, new flexible roof solutions with crystalline photovoltaics from PV-Austria.

Battery usage after the car Battery usage after the car
What becomes a footballer if he gets too lame? Coach. What becomes a battery of an electric car when it brings less than 80% of its capacity? Stationary battery.