Work in the US building industry

Economic decline means to have no idea from the future. An object lesson about this is in the Wall Street Journal from Harvard University economist Lawrence Katz.

  Zitat Wall Street Journal

"The tremendous amount of economic activity associated with housing, I can't see that coming back," says Harvard University economist Lawrence Katz. "That was a very unhealthy part of the economy."

  PEGE comment

What do they understand in the US as houses? 5cm thermal insulation in Alaska, 50,000 kWh per year electric power consumption, yearly 30,000 kWh for the air condition in a house in Florida. Houses? No, according to reasonable standards in energy efficiency, this are miserable shanties. Nothing what can be called a house. Unhealthy indoor climate in the sunny south because the incoming heat is battled with cold air streams.

The roofs of the houes are not only total insufficient thermal insulated, the plentifully solar energy falling down on the roof is unused.

  Reconstruction necessary like 1945 in Germany

It's necessary to replace in the whole USA this shanty villages by real houses. At last 15 kW thin film photovoltaic from Applied Materials on the roof, good thermal insulation and high efficient appliances. In the garage natural a plug-in hybrid or electric car.

This is a tremendous amount of work for the building industry and for the car industry. But when economic scientists of such a famouse university like Havard have no idea about the economic requirements of the future, they will lead the US economy in the ruin.

  2010 again what PEGE does since 1992

Create awareness about the necessary speed and magnitude of the change to renewable energy. An energy prognosis of PEGE in 1992 for 2040 better than most current ones.

Homeowner assoication USA
A homeowner association forbids photovoltaic for esthetic look like. This sickos should take an oil bath in the Golf of Mexico.

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