Homeowner assoication USA

A homeowner association forbids photovoltaic for esthetic look like. This sickos should take an oil bath in the Golf of Mexico.

  The energy comes always from somewhere else

For this sickos, energy always comes from somewhere else. From Saudi Arabia, from Irak, from the Golf of Mexico, from huge coal power plants. But when a citizen wants his own responsibility for his energy supply, they cry "unesthetic".

  Forced stay at the oil beach

This sickos should be forced to a healing stay at the oil beach of Louisiana. After 8 weeks at the oil beach, mental healing should have made progress to a point, that a bird killed by oil is more unesthetic than a photovoltaic roof.

  Replace US oil production by 2 kW photovoltaic per US citizen

According to the conversion tables "Replace crude oil by electric power", the whole US oil production can be replaced by 2 kW photovoltaic per US-citizen. Depending on best monocrystalline or thinfilm, this are 10 to 20m² photovoltaic per US citizen.

300 million tons oil production in the US with 3000 kWh per ton replaced are 900 TWh electric power. Caclulating an average yield of 1500 kWh per kW peak, this are only 2 kW photovoltaic per citizen.

  2010 again what PEGE does since 1992

Create awareness about the necessary speed and magnitude of the change to renewable energy. An energy prognosis of PEGE in 1992 for 2040 better than most current ones.

Work in the US building industry
Economic decline means to have no idea from the future. An object lesson about this is in the Wall Street Journal from Harvard University economist Lawrence Katz.

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