Climate renewal costs

The resarch of the earth population about the theme climate renewal and climate renovation costs is complete insufficient. But without caclulation of the consequential costs no CO2 tax.

When You destroy a window, You will have to pay the window. This is a very simple truth. But what happens when somebody changes the earth climate by emitting 350 billion tons of carbon dioxide? He will have to reestablish the condition before. "Sorry, I did not know", will be not enough.

  It's like at a leaky gasoline station

At a gasoline station, a leaky tank can be very expensive. Some thousand m³ are quick polluted, the owner of the gasoline station will have to pay the renovation. But we have here a much bigger renovation case. 350 billion tons with an option for 1000 billion tons more when they are emitted from melting perma frost grounds because of the climate change.

  From something like a "civilzation", I expect a climate renewal concept

Please forgett the line above. From a civilization is at first expected to never come in this situation. Something like this: After Svante Arrhenius numbered 1896 the effects of the greenhouse gas effect, there was only 20 years later 1916 the big carbon dioxide conference. On this conference was the decison made, to exit from the use of fossil energy. Only 1/4 century later 1941, the emissions had been halved compared to 1916. Oh, I forgot, that humanity was 1916 and 1941 busy with something much more important.

  Complete helpless even at smaller problems

In the moment, politic and economy is about the announcement of the IEA about the next oil price explosion and the next economy crisis complete helpless.A small problem compared with the climate renewal.

  2009 The fossil recession is contradicted

Peak oil brought 2008 all economy bubbles to burst, but instead of a consequent change to renewable energy, the fossil stuck in the mud do not give up.

CO2 carbon dioxid interest
Who takes a credit has to pay back because of the interest much more. Also at the greenhouse gases, interest exists, the unfreezing permafrost grounds worsen the situation.

House without grid connection
An energy consultant at the other end of the telephone wants to tell me, that a normal house will have in the future no grid connection. Here the truth about this nonsens.

350 billions tons CO2
Fossil energy is something extrem short term, solar energy will be at last 4 billion years. A compare of fossil energy vs photovoltaic.

Applied Materials makes loss
In a normal world, Applied Materials would have to search desperate for new personal, train new personal. The delivery termins for new photovoltaic factories would be 2013.

There is no over capacity at photovoltaic
The chief of a solar company talks about an over capacity on the photovoltaik market. But the worldwied production is just 1% of the absolut minimum from what is required.