Applied Materials makes loss

In a normal world, Applied Materials would have to search desperate for new personal, train new personal. The delivery termins for new photovoltaic factories would be 2013.

  Sensation at the Intersolar 2008

Last year the sensation on the Intersolar fair, short before the highest ever oil price: photovoltaic factories from Applied Materials. Large glas modules with amorphe silicon, later microcrystallin amorphe. Like every year on the hunt for the top favorite for the roof of my future house. A wholesaler which I know since 1998 told me "I can give You thinfilm for 1,90 EUR, but do not tell it to others". At Signet, a company which purchased from Applied materials a factroy told me 1,90 EUR Watt peak official price for 2009.

Instead of writing immediately writing my fair report, I started for weeks calculations about the consequences of this fair sensation.

I published 2007 a concept about "solar building allotment". Now I wrote on each page of this concept "Attention: Because off the price development at thinfilm replaced by solar duty".

  Solar duty based on the Applied Materials photovoltaic factories

The previous cheap thinfilm photovoltaic had been based on limited available raw material. The Indium production is, based on PEGE estimation, only suitable for 10 GW photovoltaic yearly production. Much to less to replace crude oil by solar electric power. Only silicon is available like sand at the beach.

The loss of Applied Materials documents the complete irresponsibility of this "civilization" towards the own future.

  2009 The fossil recession is contradicted

Peak oil brought 2008 all economy bubbles to burst, but instead of a consequent change to renewable energy, the fossil stuck in the mud do not give up.

CO2 carbon dioxid interest
Who takes a credit has to pay back because of the interest much more. Also at the greenhouse gases, interest exists, the unfreezing permafrost grounds worsen the situation.

House without grid connection
An energy consultant at the other end of the telephone wants to tell me, that a normal house will have in the future no grid connection. Here the truth about this nonsens.

350 billions tons CO2
Fossil energy is something extrem short term, solar energy will be at last 4 billion years. A compare of fossil energy vs photovoltaic.

Climate renewal costs
The resarch of the earth population about the theme climate renewal and climate renovation costs is complete insufficient. But without caclulation of the consequential costs no CO2 tax.

There is no over capacity at photovoltaic
The chief of a solar company talks about an over capacity on the photovoltaik market. But the worldwied production is just 1% of the absolut minimum from what is required.