Renewable energy depends from storage for electric power

Applied Materials wants to sell photovoltaic factories, but why only 80 and not 400 MW for a town with 1 million inhabitants? Without storage technology is not more possible.

US electric power consumption
USA produced 2008 4316 TWh electric power for 305.548.183 inhabitants. This makes an average consumption per inhabitant of 14125 kWh per year.

Gas price upper limit
Why is it not possible to have in the Applied Materials calculator for photovoltaic factories a higher gas price than $14 MMBTU? This are only 5 Cent per kWh thermical energy.

Natural gas power plant
CCPP reach 58% efficiency at producing electric power, new planned are designed for beyond 60%. Why are in the Applied Materials calculator only 46.7%.

Photovoltaic offer with electricity storage
With electricity storage, it would be possible to offer for 1 million inhabitants instead of 80 MW photovoltaic factrory 400 MW and to save with this 6 times more natural gas.