New lithium technic without thermical problems

This invention is avoiding all thermal problems which, sofar, are customary for conventionally manufactured Lithium batteries.

Since all chemical reactions are taking place on the surface of the cathodes and anodes, respectively, the development of heat during charge and discharge tends, in theory, to be zero.

  Features like a super capacitator

These properties are similar to the fast reactions of a super capacitator without reducing the cell/battery life.

  Even for big applications like a wind park

With this technology, it is also possible to absorb very large energy volumes (more than 10 MW - e.g. off-shore wind power parks).

Looking at the individual cell, the construction of the single cells is so formed, that internal resistance lies in an area of m ?. In an electro-chemical cell, the interior resistance is the sum of the ionic and electronic resistance of the cell elements.

  More service life

Today's Lithium batteries are limited to 800- 20.000 cycles, thus reducing their useful life. From a scientific view, this problem is of a very complex nature. This is particularly true for today's Lithium ion batteries. Key for the useful life of Lithium ion polymer cells are the reactions of the electrodes' materials with each other and with the electrolyte.

Lithium has the best expectations to solve our problems at our mobility and the day/night balancing of a photovoltaic oriented power supply.

  Break through at lithium batteries

Much longer service life and an evident reduction at the production costs. A new generation of lithium energy storage crucial for oil exit and climate protection.

Revolution at lithium batteries
A recent development of OGRON BV, the Dutch company, is promising to revolutionise the Lithium battery technology and battery and energy storage technologies in general.

Lithium revolution: exchange every 10 years the electrolyte
As mentioned above, the OGRON technology is using only active materials and no additives. As a result, only the electrolyte is determining the length of the useful life

Large Ion Battery Technology and Application
Henny Wiggers, managing director of OGRON BV, announced that the company will be present during the 5th International Symposium of Large Ion Battery Technology and Application

Significant contributions to the new lithium energy storage
Microtech (OGRON USA) developt in the last 4 years a special coiler and an automatic package system for the cells, making it easy to exchange the electrolyt.

Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Joop Schoonman university Delft
Curriculum Vitae Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Joop Schoonman university Delft Professor of inorganic Chemistry

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