Large Ion Battery Technology and Application

Henny Wiggers, managing director of OGRON BV, announced that the company will be present during the 5th International Symposium of Large Ion Battery Technology and Application (LLIBTA; June 8 - 10, 2009; Long Beach, California). .

  Normal car converted - 500km - 5 minute to recharge

At this event, Prof. Schoonman, Technical University of Delft will present the scientific fundamentals of this invention. GRON plans to present a standard car equipped with a 70 kWh battery, with a 500 km reach. rechargeable within 5 minutes During these presentations, all relevant data will be recorded and shown.

  Big cost reduction

According to Mr. Wiggers, it is planned to also use this conference to contact battery manufacturers and investors.

In summary, we are confident that this invention will lead to significant cost reductions; both in terms of investments and materials used, and that these storage systems could be an effective tool in the larger context of "climate change". Through this technology, renewable energy will become more economic and easier to transport to the ultimate users. This new storage technology can help to decentralise energy production and make better use of wind power and solar energy for cities and communities.

The Technical University of Delft and myself are pleased to be part of this project.

Delft, March 23rd 2009

Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. J. Schoonman

  This press release

was written by Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. J. Schoonman, his curriculum vitae follows.

Lithium has the best expectations to solve our problems at our mobility and the day/night balancing of a photovoltaic oriented power supply.

  Break through at lithium batteries

Much longer service life and an evident reduction at the production costs. A new generation of lithium energy storage crucial for oil exit and climate protection.

Revolution at lithium batteries
A recent development of OGRON BV, the Dutch company, is promising to revolutionise the Lithium battery technology and battery and energy storage technologies in general.

New lithium technic without thermical problems
This invention is avoiding all thermal problems which, sofar, are customary for conventionally manufactured Lithium batteries.

Lithium revolution: exchange every 10 years the electrolyte
As mentioned above, the OGRON technology is using only active materials and no additives. As a result, only the electrolyte is determining the length of the useful life

Significant contributions to the new lithium energy storage
Microtech (OGRON USA) developt in the last 4 years a special coiler and an automatic package system for the cells, making it easy to exchange the electrolyt.

Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Joop Schoonman university Delft
Curriculum Vitae Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Joop Schoonman university Delft Professor of inorganic Chemistry

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