Baile Herculane in Romania

From the last visit of my wife 1995 until 2009, a frightening decay of the famouse rheumatism bath happend, where even the old Romans cured their rheumatic deseases.

European cultural monument European cultural monument
A historic marker for an internationally protected cultural monument. In 1995 this historic building was used as a luxury hotel for visitors of the health resort.

Luxury hotel 1995 Luxury hotel 1995
The sign now mocks visitors that visit the ruin that what was once an international cultural monument and luxury hotel.

Downspout removed Downspout removed
At all this cultural monument protected building are at the roof all downspouts removed

Wall erosion Wall erosion
Maybe this wall erosion was caused by a removed downspout.

Downspout cutted Downspout cutted
At this also under international cultural monument protection beeing building is the downspout cutted.

Water damage by cut downspout Water damage by cut downspout
You want to get rid of a cultural monument protected building? Maybe a cut downspout is the preferred method.

Wall break through Wall break through
Want to install a natural gas stove in a building protected as a cultural monument? Very simple - punch a hole in the wall for the chimney.

Cooling on the house Cooling on the house
A hotel in Herculane from a time where architects thought that an additional radiator is cheaper than thermal insulation. The concret beam on the concret wall cools additional.

Hole in street Hole in street
I drove down this street with my car on August 17th and stopped just in time to avoid this large sinkhole. It will be a big surprise for all the foreigners that drive way too fast...

Street Washed Out Street Washed Out
Yesterday used, today a hole in the street. Presumably by under washing the street. Material was carreid away by water until the surface collapsed.

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