Photovoltaic salesman

Limited special knowledge for the sell of photovoltaic surrounded by a really legendary nescience. How sould a poor politician know all, when even a specialist?

At an event, it was possible to watch a photovoltaic salesman at his work. He told the potential customer in a perfect way the advantages of his product compared to other PV-modules. This man ist good, this man is informed, so let's test with my question list.
  1. What said April 2008 the chief economist of the IEA about the development of oil produciton?
  2. What does the worldwide largest cellphone battery company to increase the turn around per customer 5000 times
  3. The Renault Kangoo drives with 1 kg natrual gas 12 km inside town. How far drives the Plug-in Hybrid variant Cleanova II from the Kangoo with 1 kg natural gas?
  4. How many electric scooters are in China underway?
All questions from the area replace crude oil with renewable electric power. No answer instead an unbelievable improper remark:

"All car companies have for a long time hydrogen cars in the drawer"

That cann't be true! No idea about the problems with hydrogen and the price of the fuel cell, instead of this a very simple conspiracy theory. But there comes more:

"You should write why the Diesel is in Stryia 1,20 EUR and in Germany 1,35 EUR"

I try to explain the photovoltaic salesman, that photovoltaik is already cheaper than Diesel and we need only the Plug-in hybrid cars to use this advantage. But this is not interesting for him. He knows only his arguments leared on the salesman seminar for photovoltaic, everything else is unimportant.

When even a photovoltaic specialist is so unknowing, how shoulc a politician know the ropes? A politician has to built up his mind by the statements of many different specialists.

  2008 News about energy, building and live

A time of fast change. Nothing remains in the energy sector like it was. Project designers have to learn to think with a complete new cost structure.

Ilisu dam
The plan is to produce 3833 GWh electric power per year by a 313 km² large artificial lake. 78,000 humans have to be resettled.

Electric power saving competition
The ''Bund der Energieverbraucher'' (energy user association) in Germany starts a competition to save electric power. Each saved kWh is rewarded by 2.-EUR

Solar duty instead of universal conscription
Since thousands of years is the draft an extreme life-threatening concern. What would be compared to this a solar duty for roofs?

Photovoltaic vs nuclear fusion
We write the year 2040. The resarch ober nuclear fusion has made the necessary progress for a commercial operation, but what is with the economy?

Heat pump: the enemies of the heat pump calculate wrong
The enemies of the heat pump calculate wrong. The electric power consumption of the oil heating system is ignored, the development of the electric power production is wrong foreseen.

Built on sand, no worse built on oil
We stand at the rubble of our civilization. A civilization built on crude oil, becoming unusable after peak oil.

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