Cheap thin film modules + synergy

The basics of the study for solar duty are cheap thin film modules replacing as synergy effect material for roof and and facade.

The solar duty for new buildings should be made possible by a government guaranteed interest supported credit and an energy delivery tariff significant below the German energy delivery tariff.
Price for the building without solar duty
Price for 1 kW photovoltaic
kW peak photovoltaic
less building costs by photovoltaic synergy effects
interest rate for free financed credit
interest rate for the government credit for the photovoltaic
yearly yield Wh per watt peak
yearly installment without solar duty
yearly installment with solar duty
kWh yearly yield of the photovoltaic
cost neutral price per kWh
Mono crystalline only south roof
Thin film east west roof
Thin film east west roof and part of facade
Thin film east west roof and all facades
Photovoltaic politics and furtherance
Further now, in order that when electric power from fossil energy costs 30 Cent per kWh, solr electric power costs only 25 Cent per kWh

  Solar duty

Study about the fast increase of electric power from photovoltaic. The German energy entry law is the best possible for 2004. The solar duty orients at the possibilities of 2008.

EEG Germany: It is difficult to bestow money
At the proclamation of the energy delivery low, there should have been immedeately long queues at every photovoltaic company to take the money present.

Germany EEG: credit problems
For German banks is a photovoltaic with 20 years energy delivery contract no security. At this fail 8 from 10 people interested in a photovoltaic. Solar duty guarantees the credit

Comment about solar duty
Synergy effects by construction material replaced by photovoltaic and low modul prices make electric power from thin film photovoltaic cheap enough, to think about a duty.

Development of the solar duty
Unvarying tariffs, but from year to year more requisition at new buildings is the development target of the solar duty. Here a compare to the German EEG.

Storage duty for solar electric power
In the final state will be 60% of the maximal daily yield be the minimu battery capacity. But even at the begin of the solar duty will be an appropriate sized place for the storage a duty.

Liberation from the solar duty
The government determines for each property the dimension of solar duty. By the furtherance, there is a highest price, where the system is cost neutral for the new house owner.

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