Farm in a skyscraper

The US-university professor Dickson Despommier belives believes in a farm in the shape of a 30 floors skyscrapers in Manhatten. But what problem should be solved in this way?

  Energy for the transport of food

Despommier states the transport of food as a major problem. Let's look on the energy usage for thr transport of 1 ton food from Spain to Germany.

Route Distance Wh / ton / km kWh total
Farm to railway 200 km 200 40 kWh
railway station to railway station 2000 km 60 120 kWh
railway to shop 50 km 200 40 kWh
Total 2250 km 75 170 kWh

Energy for electric truck estimated, for the Energie für Elektro LKW geschätzt, für railway transport with real balances.

  Energy consume in compare

Work on 1 ha field with the tractor 500 kWh
Irrigation of 1 ha field with seawater desalination 20000 kWh
Electricity usage per inhabitant of Germany 7500 kWh
Diesel and gasoline per inhabitant can be converted to electric power 4500 kWh

Electric tractor estimated with 5 kWh electric power instead of 1 litre Diesel

Diese Zahlen machen deutlich, selbst bei extremen Transportstrecken für Lebensmittel spielt die Energie für den Transport, sofern elektrische Antriebssysteme verwendet werden, nur eine sehr untergeordnete Rolle. Man kann vereinfacht sagen, 1 m² Photovoltaik in Spanien kann jedes Jahr 1 Tonne Lebensmittel nach Deutschland transportieren.

  News about construction, live and energy 2008

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100 GW wind energy installed
Middle May 2008 are worldwide 100 GW wind energy power plants working, 240 GW shall be 2012 and until 2020 shall be enlarged to 1000 GW.

CAES Compressed Air Energy Storage
Until now, storage power plants with compressed air have a low efficiency and a demand for natural gas to heat. A new project wants to change this.

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