The dream from hydrogen

In despair about the insufficiency of lead acid batteries as electric power storage, the dream from hydrogen and fuel cell started.

  Beaten by the efficiency

We take again the sea water desalination as a study object. A 1000m³ drinking water system needs 2500 kWh electric power per day. A little bit more than 100 kW continues power. Let's take dreamlike good parameters. 65% with an usage of waste heat, 85% efficiency for the electrolysis and about 3 kWh to compress 1 kg hydrogen into the pressure tank.

0,85 for electrolysis * 0,90 for pressure tank * 0,65 electric power efficiency = 0,497

At this parameters, even a cost free hydrogen system is compared to the lithium batteries to expensive, because the photovoltaic has to be so much larger, to compensate the low efficiency compared to the lithium batteries.

  Dimension for 1000 m³ water per day

  Hydrogen Lithium
Batteries   2500 kWh
Photovoltaic 1000 kW 550 kW
Elektrolysis 1000 kW  
Fuel cell 105 kW  

Calculator with great optimism for hydrogen. Elektrolysis with 100 EUR per kW, Fuel cell with only 1000.-EUR per kW. Both with 50.000 hours usage time would be equal to 2000 cycles at this task Some money is also necessary for the storage. So we calculate this application with 100.-EUR per kWh storage and 2000 cycles.

  Attention! Extrem optimistic parameters for hydrogen

Usage time for fuel cells anc prices are not today's reality!

Lithium has the best expectations to solve our problems at our mobility and the day/night balancing of a photovoltaic oriented power supply.

  Lithium battery as electric power storage

Basic calculation models for lithium an electricity storage. The textbook to recognise early, at what applications is rentability already given, or is short before rentability.

OGRON new energy storage
A new dimension in application possibilities for lithium batteries promisses the company OGRON. First time are storage power plants mentioned as target market.

Storage crisis of renewable energy
The whole solar electric power and wind energy branch denies the storage crisis. The standard answers about the storage problem are easy to disprove.

Who sits in the glass house should not throw stones
In plain lack of knowledge about the storage problem, the say ''Atomic power highway'' or ''Atomic power refinement system'' about infrastructrue to store electric power.

Pump storage power plant
The storage demand for a bic scale enlargement of solar- and wind power is with pump sorage power plants not possible. New technology is indispensably necessary.

Lithium batteries vs Kaprun
How to compare lithium batteries with a pump storage power plant. What would it cost to built Kaprun new? How is the compare of costs?

Parameter for the storage of electric power
What are the cost criteria for an electric power storage? What are the costs to store electricity? Javascript calculator for the basic parameters to store electric power.

Sea water example
The sea water desalination is used as an example, how different electric power storage systems can influence the price for solar electricity.

Sea water desalination with solar power
So much sun, why are not all seawater desalination plants operated by solar electric power? The reason until now had been the parameters of electric power storage technology.

More important than photovoltaic for 1.-EUR Watt peak
Lithium batteries with extrem much load cycles in a price range around 300.-EUR per kWh capacity are more important for the price of solar electricity than photovoltaic for 1 EUR W peak.

Hydrogen fails at day/night balance
Hydrogen fails at the efficiency of the whole cycle from the electrolysis to the fuel cell at the day/night balance for solar electric power. Example with a sea water desalination system.

CAES costs
There are theories to make caverns in big salt layers for compressed air energy storages. This is to balance the wind energy. How expensive can a CAES be?

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