Intersolar 2008 in Munich

For the first time in Munich,the Intersolar was able to enlarge on 7 large fair halls on the fair ground Munich Riem. Soon large report! Here to the special part mobility

Floorplan Intersolar 2008 Floorplan Intersolar 2008
7 halls occupied at Intersolar Munich Trade Fair Centre, more than twice the 3 halls at the Freiburg exhibition center.

Photovoltaic factories Photovoltaic factories
Applied Materials is not on the Intersolar to sell photovoltaic modules, but to sell whole ready to work photovoltaic factories.

Modern Photovoltaic production to sell Modern Photovoltaic production to sell
How many photovoltaic factories needs Your country to be independent from fossile energy? How many factroies to cover the demans after the implementation of solar duty?

Snow on photovoltaic Snow on photovoltaic
Fair innovation to bring away in winter the snow from the photovoltaic system. Removes snow and dirt from the photovoltaic for more yield.

Roof coverage with thin film modules Roof coverage with thin film modules
Regardless trapeze tin, bitumen, Eternit, Parabel has the right solution to make a solar roof out of it with thin film modules.

Trapeze roof Trapeze roof
Alternative to the trapeze roofs with Unisolar thin film: Up to 500m² can be mounted per day with this crystalline silicon system.

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