Wrong investion oil production

Briol from the IEA wishes that US$ 5.400.000.000.000 should be invested in the oil production. At the progress to replace oil by wind and solar, this would be a wrong investion.

  The interview in "international politic" translated by me

Schneider: You write US$ 5400 billion should be invested to cover the increasing demant for crude oil. In which countries should be invested?

  Our comment

Sharp is just building the worldwide largest photovoltaic factory for a new micro crystalline amorphus amorphous cell. The fabric can produce 1 GW photovoltaic per year. In the same factroy will be new flat screens produce. Its not known to me how the US$ 3.3 billion splits between photovoltaic and flat screen production.

  • 1000 such factories and mankind would have no more energy sorgen trouble with oil, gas, coal and uranium.
  • 1000 such factories and mankind would have no trouble with the climate change.
The investment for this is clearly below the US$ 5400 billions to produce a little bit more crude oil.

  Lithium instead of crude oil

The knonw world reserves are 12 million tons lithium. This is enough for electric mobility and day/night balancing for solar electric power. In the year 2007 had been 25.000 tons lithium mined.

To support a photovoltaic world producion of 1000 GW a year with 5000 GWh batteries for the day/night balancing are 200000 tons lithium necessary. For this, mining capacities have to be increased. To use this capacities for crude oil is an irresponsible waste of resources.

Lithium has the best expectations to solve our problems at our mobility and the day/night balancing of a photovoltaic oriented power supply.

Photovoltaik world market
The development of the photovoltaic world market is a race with the world wide problems peak oil and climate change.

Fatik Birol Chief Economist of IEA
The IEA is the supreme authority for energy prognoses in the OECD countries, but supreme uncovering uncomfortable truth, somebody becomes fast a caller in the desert.

  IEA WEO crude oil price and production

Comments to an interview in international politic April 20008 The sirens scream, Talk from Astrid Schneider and Fatih Birol.

IEA: Forward, we have to go back
Dramatic change in the prognosis: WEO 2006 more and more oil production, Energy Watch Group 2007: decrease of oil production. Will the WEO 2008 be worse than EWG 2007?

IEA oil prognosis
The IEA wants to change from a demand oriented prognosis to a prognosis based on the production possibilities of crude oil and natural gas.

The responsibility of the IEA
Most politicians have trusted the prognosises of the IEA very much. For this trust, they are now reprehended by the IEA, because they did not enough for energy efficiency.

Simple to cogitate
What does it mean for the IEA to declare all earlier prognoses of the IEA as waste paper and to give all the criticans of this organisation right? How much courage is necessary for this step?

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