Up wind power plant

After our report about the Tower of Babel from 2005, we revisit this project because of a special wish of an discussion forum about peak oil.

  Thoughts about a 1km high upwind power plant

The brochure means 900.000 t CO2 can be saved by an up wind power plant each year. To have such a huge number, it's maybe compared with the emission of a coal power plant with 900g CO2/kWh

This would be 1000 GWh per year

The brochure means electric power for 200.000 households. This means an average of 5000 kWh per year and household. This adds up to 5000 full power hours at the planed 200 MW peak.

The air speed should be 15m/sec. 32 wind turbines should deliver 200 MB. This means 6,25 MW per turibne. For actual information about wind power plants, let's look at Enercon.

The Enercon E82 has 82m diameter and delivers begining with 12 m/sec 2 MW. With a stronger generator, at 15m/sec would be 95% more possible. For 6,26 MW at 15 m/sec, the diameter hat to be enlarged from 82 to 104m.

32 such wind turbines form a circle with 3320m diameter. Ober all this, the building has to be 104m height for the 32 turbines around the central tower

For not changing the cross section and so the air speed, the central tower has to have as much area as the 32 turbines. This gives 587m diameter. This means not like in the video a thin tower. The turbines can not be at the base of the tower, because for 32 times 104m diameter, not a 587m dieameter circle, but a 1057m diameter circle is necessary.

  2007 separate the wheat from the chaff

We examine some projects for energy generation for the feasibility. There are sometimes big surprises between promotion videos and our parameters.

Franz Alt and the seawater desalination
Really on a web site named ''solar page.com'', Franz Alt criticiseed June 24 2007 the energy consumption of sea water desalination.

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