Franz Alt and the seawater desalination

Really on a web site named ''solar'', Franz Alt criticiseed June 24 2007 the energy consumption of sea water desalination.

  Numberless mood creation

In the article are expressions like "big energy usage", "The method requires much electric power". But how much electric power? About this gives the Franz Alt article no answer, the taks is to make a mood, not to inform the readers.

  2,5 kWh per cubicmeter is stat of the art

Modern sea water desalination systems require 2,5 kWh per cubicmeter seawater. For the distribution of the water, let's assume 0,5 kWh per m³ for pumps.

My household with 5 persons needs now about 200m³ water per year. Let's be generouse and take 100 m³ more for the garden. 300m³ seewater desalination and distribution neede 900 kWh. In the hot dry regions where seawater desalination is required, a photovoltaic can be calculated with 1500 Wh yearly yield per Watt peak installed. So only 600 Watt photovoltaic on the roof are enough, at current photovoltaic modules only 4m² roof.

  A 5 MW wind power plant for 3 million m³ a year

Beside photovoltaic is also wind power. The largest wind power plants have 5 MW and produce in a windy area enough electric power for 3 million m³ water per year. At 75m³ yearly usage per human enough to supply 40.000 humans with water.

  2007 separate the wheat from the chaff

We examine some projects for energy generation for the feasibility. There are sometimes big surprises between promotion videos and our parameters.

Up wind power plant
After our report about the Tower of Babel from 2005, we revisit this project because of a special wish of an discussion forum about peak oil.

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