2007 Wels energy saving + construction fair

Fair report from the construction and energy saving fair in Wels March 2007

Deep drill for heat of the earth Deep drill for heat of the earth
This 8 tons heavy drilling machine drills holes for the usage of the heat of the earth. In average, 30 litre Diesel per hour consumed and 20m deep drilled.

Heat pump with high COP Heat pump with high COP
Higher COP and less energy usage by electronic injection of the coolant. This together with other measurements gives an unusual high COP.

Airing for buildings Airing for buildings
Large airing systems for residential or office buildings with over 90% heat recovery for 800 to 15.000 m³ air exchange per hour.

Preheating for the air before the heat exchanger Preheating for the air before the heat exchanger
The systems for using the heat of the earth are here combined with an airing system. The air from outside is warmed up before the heat exchanger by the heat of the earth.

drilling machine for deep drills instruments
Nordmeyer drilling machine with 5,8 kN hydraulic forward push. Photo from the instrumens of the self  propelling earth drilling machine. Vent pipes easy to place
This pipes for airing system are easy to cut to length and to easy to stick together. Only 16 seconds Video (1,7 MB) show both.. Photovoltaic façade fair building Wels
11.000 kWh per year delivers this photovoltaic façade on the administration builidng of the fair in Wels. This is about 5000.-EUR per year.

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