Wood pellets shortage - the limits of heating by wood

We warned lassed year several times before, the wood heating, but we have to admit, the short time where the shortage of pellets occured was very surprising.

  Leran to read an energy balance sheet

An accountant is able to predict the future of an enterprise by numbes mysterious for the amateur. A mystery for the amateur, very amateur for the specialist. Same with an energy balance sheet. Who can read this material will quickly recognize, that heating by wood has no future. Biomass is to few to be burned. Use solar energy to heat houses instead of burning biomass.

  Principle descision against wood ovens

Wood is better used in a wood gasification to make out of it electric power and heat, or gas or Diesel. That is a optimal utilization of wood. Who is able to create from 1kg wood 1,15 kWh electric power and 2,55 kWh heat can pay more for the wood. Simple burning in an oven is a waste of resources.

We wrote this already 2005, the shortage of pellets shows we have been right.

Out of oil, gas and wood
The gas price is coupled in the oil price. But the consumers will soon see that also the wood price is coupled to the oil price. Only solar energy makes really independent.

Burning wood is waste
How are all renewable energy sources useful in the best way possible? Growing again raw materials like wood count to these. A simple combustion can not be counted as a good use.

Wood heating - heat with wood
There were wooden stoves of all kind in big choice to see on the Austrobau. Nevertheless, we do not report about that because of a principle technological decision.

Energy from wood Energy from wood
Where is energy from wood usefull in a long term? Where is the use of wood for energy maybe only a short time fashion hype without sustainability?

  2006 hause construction and the climate question

Built for the future. Many new buildings from the present will be in a short time, long time before installment is paid, an expensive renovation case.

Climate change and to plan a house for the future
Super summer 2003, super winter 2006 shows extrem climate, for which a house should be prepared. Will it be in middle Europe significantly warmer, or stops the Gulf Stream?

Snowfall in March Snowfall in March
March 14th 9:00 am. The Untersberg behind the houses is not visible because of dense stratus. Light snowfall. Nevertheless surprising much electric power compared to December.

Sun instead of wood Sun instead of wood
One day after the news about the pellets shortage, measurements at 9 and 12 am. How much solar energy at this cloudy March 14th? Who is more secure.

Heat pump arguments
Well carried out in a good insulated house with heat recovery ventilation the most efficient method to save energy at heating and warm water production.

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