Heat pump arguments

Well carried out in a good insulated house with heat recovery ventilation the most efficient method to save energy at heating and warm water production.

  Once upon a time

The usual efficiency of a power plant had been 3 kWh thermic energy into 1 kWh electric power. The usual efficiency of a heat pump had been 1 kWh electric power into 3 kWh heat. For what all the effort? The most modern power plants are close to 2 kWh electric power from 3 kWh heat. At solar roofs using the underground as seasonal storage, it's because of the more warm undergeround possible to make out of 2 kWh electric power 12 kWh heat.

This is comparing the average technology from 1980 with the best possible technology from 2006 a 1:4 difference. 1:4 for making electric power in a power plant and using the electric power in a heat pump for heat production.

  Optimal corporation with the electricity / heat roof

With our published minimum requirements for a roof, produce electric power, produce heat, let snow slide down, is the heat pump the only system matching the total concept.

Heat pump
Heat pumps. Directory over all our reports about heat pumps.

  2006 hause construction and the climate question

Built for the future. Many new buildings from the present will be in a short time, long time before installment is paid, an expensive renovation case.

Climate change and to plan a house for the future
Super summer 2003, super winter 2006 shows extrem climate, for which a house should be prepared. Will it be in middle Europe significantly warmer, or stops the Gulf Stream?

Wood pellets shortage - the limits of heating by wood
We warned lassed year several times before, the wood heating, but we have to admit, the short time where the shortage of pellets occured was very surprising.

Snowfall in March Snowfall in March
March 14th 9:00 am. The Untersberg behind the houses is not visible because of dense stratus. Light snowfall. Nevertheless surprising much electric power compared to December.

Sun instead of wood Sun instead of wood
One day after the news about the pellets shortage, measurements at 9 and 12 am. How much solar energy at this cloudy March 14th? Who is more secure.

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