Snow roof and snow weight

A winter with extrem much snow forces to reevaluate all our roofs. Not only that most roofs produce not energy, they are at much snow deadly dangerously.

Snow shoveling on the roof Snow shoveling on the roof
A very dangerouse work on a snowy roof. For the workers, but also for the chief in case of an accident with an unsecured worker.

Solar collector snow free Solar collector snow free
On the north side is like on all other houses about one half meter snow on the roof. But the snow can not perist on the large solar collector.

Water film lets slide the snow Water film lets slide the snow
80 minutes after I was car driving, all the snow from the front of the roof had slid to the windshield. The warmth from the interior room has melted a thin layer of snow..

Roof secure for the future
Roofs not producing no electric power an no heat and break down because a littile bit snowfall have nothing to do with a secure future.

Solar-collector under snow
Only a small upsurge in the snow shows, that on this roof of a garage is a solar collector. The failure: Below the collector is a tile roof. Solar collector partial free from snow
Only a half meter tiles below the solar collector prevent the sliding of the snw. Tin instead of tiles would help here. Snow glides on a water film
At the first time, I thought a prankster pushed all the snow from the roof to the windshield. Because it happened several times, I started to think about it. Photovoltaic snow free by sliding
After the snow always slided down from the little bit descending roof to the windshield, it stands firm: The solution for a snow free photovoltaic. Snow turned over from the roof
Over the garbage container is a tin roof. The sun was sining on the left side. The heat had spread out to the right side and melted a thin layer of snow.

Context description:  snowy roof roofs extrem much high snow event events date time month 2 Feb February winter