Intersolar 2006 solar roof integration

Special report from the Intersolar 2006: Roof integrated photovoltaic systems. General part.

Unisolar roof constructions Unisolar roof constructions
Unisolar presents on the fair all the different roof constructions from the industry partners. Instead of costly installation the photovoltaic is direct integrated into the roof.

Photovoltaic on role Photovoltaic on role
While it's necessary to work with crystalline photovoltaic very carefully to avoid crashed modules, here is the photovoltaic on a role from Alwitra roof proofing.

Warm roof construction Warm roof construction
First the supporting construction, hereupon the heat insulation. On top an Alwitra proofing foil with integrated amorphous silicon thin layer photovoltaic.

Lecture solar heating Lecture solar heating
Heat pump is for a long time known. Some architects even know about the possibility to use the underground as a seasonal storage. New: A roof to deliver electric power and heat.

Part form an adequate roof
An aluminium tin with inlaid pipes similar to a floor heating. The roof delivers heat in the summer. The roof is kept snow free in winter. Above the photovoltaic. Heat of the earth tube
previously, a heat pump took only heat from the previously and never gave heat. Cooling the photovoltaic constrains to store the excess heat in the garden. Heat pump
To make out of the lecture solar heating a perceptible experience, there was on the fair booth a cooling body, a heat pump and on the other side some radiators.

Intersolar 2006 solar energy fair in Freiburg Intersolar 2006 solar energy fair in Freiburg
General part from the fair report Intersolar 2006 in Freiburg. Big special report about roof integrated photovoltaic. Roof constructions with built in photovoltaic.

Different view points about photovoltaic from our different technical magazines as wide outstretched information about electric power from light.

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