Hannover industry fair 2006 India hall

Fair report part energy in India. Other parts: renewable energy, mobility, energy for small appliances with specail report Mobility in India.

Sun watch - landmark of the Indian hall Sun watch - landmark of the Indian hall
The exhibition area from India on the Hnnoer industry fair 2006 starts with a big sun watch.

Photovoltaic from India Photovoltaic from India
This photovoltaic modul from Central Electronics is complete made in India. Starting with the silicon are all parts ''made in India''

Cheap Diesel engine Cheap Diesel engine
Even the starter battery is in India a luxury. Normal to start with a starting handle. An engine optimized for the rural areas of India.

Valve controll by a pestle Valve controll by a pestle
At an low RPM stationary engine are also pestles good enough for the valve controll. The engine looks like, that a good mechanican can repair everything.

Cheap vegetable oil micro CHP cogen Cheap vegetable oil micro CHP cogen
Because of the cheap Indian Standmotor, the complete CHP can be offered at an far lower price than usual in Germany.

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