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  Design furniture fair Hofburg Vienna 2006

Fair report of the residential design fair October, 2006 in the rooms of Viennese Hofburg. Exclusives ambience for exclusive pieces of furniture.

Hofburg hall panorama during the furniture design 2006 Hofburg hall panorama during the furniture design 2006
Rolf Benz and other design furnitures in a hall of the Viennese Hofburg. To the sky and to the front is the hall limited by a wall of glas. Look in a patio of the Hofburg.

Couch conversion Couch conversion
The parts at the headboard and behind the couch from the Dieter Knoll collection are to be lowered. So the couch turns into a bed.

Luminous desk Luminous desk
This desk exists from 2 stools stacke on each other. One of the stools has a built in light.

Shower toilet Shower toilet
Flush and hot air dryer instead of toilet paper brings more comfort and hygiene at the toilet. The production of 1 kg paper needs 8 kWh energy.

Modern workplace Modern workplace
Why to sit uncomfortable, when it is possible to work recumbent? Ideal for the furnishing of a modern office with ergonomic workplace for a notebook.

Luminous stool Luminous stool
This stool with built in light is useable for an indrect room illumination. The two stools can be put together to a desk

Key storage Key storage
Design pieces like this establish consuetudes and increase by this the comfort, because the keyes are not somewhere misplaced and later desperate searched.

Flat furniture hold Flat furniture hold

Umbrella rack Umbrella rack
Two glibes, one on top of the other, with gentle junctions. The upper globe has 6 holes for the umbrellas.

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