2006 Vienna construction fair

Fair report from the construction fair in Vienna February 2006.

Ecological produced electric power in Austria Ecological produced electric power in Austria
Two encounters at one day with the Ökostrom AG. At the booth, the people are pleased to see the pictures from their colleagues at the demonstration in front of the parliament.

Preheating for the airing Preheating for the airing
When there is already a depp drilling for the heat pump, it's possbile to preheat the air for the air to air heat exchanger with this water to air heat exchanger.

Flat airing with heat recovery Flat airing with heat recovery
Airing with heat recovery for multi appartment houses where each single appartment has such an airing unit installed flat below the ceiling.

Airing to install between ceilings Airing to install between ceilings
The flat airing for the air exchange of single appartments photographed from below. The unit is special designed for the installation between ceilings.

Airing for apartments or rooms Airing for apartments or rooms
This airing device is designed for the renovation of old buildings, where other air to air heat recovery systems are difficult to install.

Automatic lawnmower Automatic lawnmower
idyll, nice houses with gardens. But suddenly, noise terror breaks the silence. A 2 stroke engine lawnmower. Involve in the war against (noise) terror!

Underside lawnmower Underside lawnmower
The automatic lwanmower from below. Up: the steering wheels, up middle, the mower below the traction wheels with engine and batteries.

Laundry shaft Laundry shaft
Throw Your laundry in the saft, and let it fall down in the big dirty clothes basket in the cellar just beside the washing machine.

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