Bypass hall 6

A part of the roof of the hall 6 had collapsed in 2nd January 2006 under the snowy load. Here the bypass for hall 6, a long heated tent.

Bypass hall 6
A part of the roof of the hall 6 had collapsed in 2nd January 2006 under the snowy load. Here the bypass for hall 6, a long heated tent.

  In 2006 fair CASA for interior decoration Salzburg

Fair report of the trade fair for interior design and decoration CASA in February, 2006 in Salzburg.

Red green blue lighting LED in ceiling strip Red green blue lighting LED in ceiling strip
In the ceiling strip are 3 acrylic plates which are lightened by 3 LEDs in the basic colors red, green and blue. Just right now, only the red LEDs are active.

Foam rubber CNC wrought Foam rubber CNC wrought
Plan all Your rubber foam parts Yourself. They will produce the parts exactly with a CNC (computer numeric controlled) equipment.

Wall carpets: Klimt Adele Wall carpets: Klimt Adele
Much more cheap than for 100 million EUR there is at the company Perle Klimt's Adele as a wall carpet. One of numerous motives which are available as wall carpets.

Spray without fog Spray without fog
Presentation of the fog free of spray gun in the exhibition stand. Numerous sheets have been sprayed on the poster stand already to demonstrate.

Curtain more simply hang up Curtain more simply hang up
Instead of threading every single curtain hanger exactly one after the other, it goes much more simply by clicking up this special hangers in the curtain rail.

Textile wall coating from wool Textile wall coating from wool
Nawofa stands probably as an abbreviation for nature woolen fiber, a new exclusive wall and ceiling coating from natural raw materials. Unexpectedly simply to process.

Fiberglass light conductor with LED in the ceiling strip
The company logo NMC is formed in the ceiling strip with a fiberglass light conductor who is supplied about a LED with light. LED lamps for indirect lighting
Into a ceiling strip integrates 2 lamps LED which light up the stucco strip from the cover to the left and on the right are. Exhibition stand of foam rubber CNC cut
The column ant the bar shows the possibilities of the CNC cut equipment of Wegerich. Look at the slantwise cuted letters. CNC Cutting of foamed plastic
Simply send a file and one gets of it from Wegerich the ready fitted foam rubber. Packs if requested also quite ready in textil material. Klimt - the kiss as a wall carpet
Also another famous picture of Gustav Klimt “ The kiss“',  is to be got with Perle as a wall carpet. Color spray gun without fog nebula
Color spraying without nebula allows this innovative airbrush which already received the environmental price of the Hanse town Rostock. Curtains at a shlantwise on 2 rails start
Most other curtain panels require a rail per panel. This must not be as here the  company Click shows: 2 rails are enough for an unrestricted number of curtain panels. Curtain panels
Some manufacturers already have the velcro fastening for the rail, but the easy purely click from the hanger in the rail I have seen only with Click. Wall layer simply removeable
Simple make the textil wall layer humid and remove it with a spatula. Rubbish? No! Of course not, the material can be used again. Similar to textile wallpaper, however more simply to process
At first sight one could suppose a kind of textile wallpaper. However, it is a mixture from woolen fibers quite simply  applied with a spatula on the wall. Soccer world championship 2006 - bed for fans
The bed hovers on 4 footballs, the coverlet shows a soccer field. The internal values of this bed for soccer fans is a special foam rubber for a good sleep. Fair of Salzburg: Snow completely removed
A look of the uppermost parking level on Saturday 4. Ferbuary in 2006 calms: The flat roofs of all fair halls are free from snow.

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