2006 Austrobau - construction fair in Salzburg

Fair report from the house construction and domestic energy fair Austrobau in February 2006 in Salzburg

Air-to-air-heat-exchanger improved Air-to-air-heat-exchanger improved
On the first sight, this air to air heat exhanger looks different. Many other vendors just purchase heat exchangers and built an own unit out of it.

Humidity recovery from waste air Humidity recovery from waste air
Unitl now, humidity recovery was only with rotating heat exchangers possible, This countercurrent heat exchanger is out of a material to recover also humidty.

Mountainbike from wood Mountainbike from wood
Stefan Paumann brought with his wooden bicycle the most creativ technical project 2004/2005 at the wood technic school in Kuchl. The result is an only 11,8kg heavy mountain bike

Cellar damages Cellar damages
Mr. Göllner explains what sort of damage occurs at bad constructed pipe break throughs in an water proof cellar.

Wood protection for outside walls Wood protection for outside walls
The drip remains on the wood treated with Nano Cell wood. The wood remains after the Nano Cell treatment open for damp diffusion.

Insulation draught Insulation draught
A showcase on the booth of Isocell. Left below blows a hair dryer air into the show case. The left side is filled with Isocell, the table-tennis ball remains down.

Air exchange with ventilator from outside
The ventilators are only in the air streams seperated by the heat exchanger from the living space. The heat exchanger beomes in this way also a silencer. Summer bypass flap
In the lower part of the device the bypass flap. Some other vendors deliver this only as special accessory. But 2 to 3% of the air could go the wrong way. 60 squaremeter heat exchanger
Not out of plates, but from channels exists this gegenstrom crosscurrent heat exchanger. The exchange surface is 3 times larger than in usual heat exchangers. Filter box for earth heat exchanger
Below the air input is this filter box before the air continues to the long pipe below the earth, the earth to air heat exchanger. Pipes into cellar
The unused pipe into cellar system is sealed with a cover. The special tool is put on to remove the cover from the empty pipe into cellar. Cable into cellar
In the empty pipe into cellar system from the last photo, different deployments for cables or pipes can be inserted.

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