Electric power and warmth from biomass

The design of the equipment will strongly change during the next 20 years. At the moment such equipment are construed as constantly running run power stations.

  From constant running to peak power plant

The current situation for biomass power plants is very easy. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week the same tariff for the delivered electric power. The facilities are built as cheap as possible, gas storage and engines are for steady continuous operation.

It could soon happen, that on a sunny and windy day, all wind power plants and photovoltaic devices deliver more electric power than needed. Some years later could be a sunny day enough, that all electric power comes from the sun only.

Dynamic electricity tariffs will be the result. High prices for electric power on a windless rainiy day with much clouds.

  • bigger gas storage to collect more gas for peak demand hours
  • Several gas engines for top electric power instead of basic load
  • Fischer Tropsch systems to produce a Diesel similar fuel out of the fermentation gas.
Electric power and heat demand will lead to dynamic decisions. If there is no demand for heat, the gas engine will maybe start only at 20 Cent/kWh. If in the winter time is a demand for heat, the gas engine starts maybe at only 15 Cent/kWh.

Instead of main power stations produce an intelligent network of small power plants producing electric power, or gas for the next peak demand, or liquid fuel by gas. the small{ power stations which produce everybody for themselves optimized current gas on stock or process gas to liquid fuel.
Renewable energy from biomass Renewable energy from biomass
Biomass can in an dense inhabited industry country be only a complement to electric power from sun and wind. At all enthusiasm for biomass, do not neglect the photovoltaic.

  2005 real estates and mobility

The demand for future secure real estate increases. From the simple roof over the head, operating expenses do not matter because energy is cheap, to self supply with heat and electric power.

Peak Oil: Mobility shall be independent from oil price
Commuters with daily 100 kms for the way to the work observe anxiously the oil price: How long is the way to the work still performable? What remains, after refuelling?

House to sell in Haidenrain near Radkersburg
Zero energy house with negative operating expenses with 260 m² living space to sell 1000 ms ² property because of a move caused by the family for about only 280,000 EUR.

Cheap energy creates cheap botch-up
The mainstream of the mass media laments the rising energy prices. However, a precise situation analysis reveals: cheap energy leads to botch-up solutions making sick.

Cheap electric power for unprofessional solutions Cheap electric power for unprofessional solutions
An omnipresent sight in southern lands. The back chill unity of an air-conditioning stands on a terrace and makes noise with the ventilating fan.

Out of oil, gas and wood
The gas price is coupled in the oil price. But the consumers will soon see that also the wood price is coupled to the oil price. Only solar energy makes really independent.

Franz Alt! 18 degrees.No! Thanks!
Franz Alt propagates 18 instead of 24 degrees of ambient temperature, however, there is nothing more superfluous than to freeze at 18 degrees in a solar house with an electric power and warmth combination system.

Building Tower to Babel: huge upward wind power stations
EnviroMission would like to build with huge scenery consumption an up wind power plant. However, the electric power yield is in proportion to the surface demand very small.

Power outage in Münsterland
Intense snowfall broke the high voltage pylons ans with this the power supply. for several days. What would have brought a photovoltaic in this situation.

Power outages precautions
What helps a grid connected photovoltaic at a power outage? Tips for a photovoltaic helping over a power outage liks in Münsterland.

2005 fairs and fair reports around construction and living
Overview over all our fair reports from 2005 around construction, energy, energy saving and furnitures.

Fair reports 2005 about construction and lving
Overview over all our fair reports from 2005 around construction, energy, energy saving and furnitures.

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