Weiz convention and exhibition house renovation 2005

13..15 October 2005, Weiz convention about ecological house renovation with exhibition..

Translucent insulation Translucent insulation
1996 won Sto with the transparent insulation the innovation prize of German commerce. At the low sun in winter, the wall behind the insulation is warmed up.

Fireproof facade insulation Fireproof facade insulation
With more building height, fire safety becomes more important.. Sto ThermoCell is incombustible and so suitable for skyscrapers. Here the buildup of a facade insulation.

Wall construction wood Wall construction wood
Heradomo shows a display case, how to reach with 35,5cm wall thickness on u=0.15. 0,5cm conver, 2cm ground, 5cm Heraklith BM, 20cm jamb and insulation, 1.5cm OSB plate.

Is the house airtight: Blower door test Is the house airtight: Blower door test
In the energy balance of well insulated houses, unwanted air exchange plays a big role. Was all the carefulness making the house airtight successfull shows this test.

Memorial for reason in urban development Memorial for reason in urban development
I visit the GEMINI house after the panel discussion in Weiz. We will yield energy where we live, we will live where we yield energy.

Transparent insulation
The insualtion consists of many transparent tubules side by side. In front of the tubules a translucent covering of the insulation. Instruments at the blower door test
At the frame of the door are the measuring tools- A good house has to be airtight. The air exchange is by the airing system with heat recovery.

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