Public traffic and individual traffic

The enemy car with ICE internal comustion engine vanishes with the cheap oil, a high for the plug-in hybrid car, which makes the towns free of exhaust gases and the car haters without arguments.

  Public traffic, more extension, less efficiency

Maximal occupied is the publich traffic between worker locker (DDR slang for prefabricated building made of concrete slabs) and big factory. But from this usage percent is the public traffic today as far away as we are from the end of the DDR. Twice as much buses, twice as much stations can be claimed by humans, beliving that public traffic drives with holy water.

All other know, that the extension of public traffic has a border, where the energy usage to transport one person a km becomes more than with cars. A car is always at last 20% occupied, it does not drive without driver.

  1993 a green fundamentalist against the GEMINI house

I developt autumn the GEMINI house. A house to provide itself with solar energy and enough electric power to supply an electric car with solar energy. I thought, this would make every environment protector enthusiastic. Far from it, a green fundamentalist said: "I hate this house, because when somebody can recharge his electric car with the solar electric power from his house, I have no arguments to forbid car driving"

Much to early, the car heaters jubilate, that expensive curde oil will stop individual traffic. Far from it. the higher oil price will bring us a new generation of cars driving in urban areas without exhaust gases, the electric power will come from sun, wind and biomass and the arguments of the car heaters will vanish.

  Future urban development

New technical development brings new planning targets for municipal politicians and new design possibilities for architects.

Energy turning point full in progress
Application for application will be the word cheap oil and expensive solar energy turned in the opposite. Cheap solar energ and expensive oil will be the oppinion of the masses.

Roof areas for the generation of energy
It does not matter to south, west, east or even a little bit towards north. Each roof surface, each partway sunny facade is urgent necessary for the generation of energy.

Electric power, heat and climate regulation
Big towns have a some degree Celsius more warm climate than the green surroundings. This has not to be like this, however a mad energy wastefulness costing us much money.

End of the compressed urban planing
We live where we yield the solar energy. The required area is regulated by the energy demand. Tendency against compression and pro generous surface usage.

Urban planing: Turn of the parameters
Until now, more compression was the philosophy, but a turn around of many parameters goes in the opposit direction in favor for the people.

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