Lithium batteries bring driving bans for combustion engines

Begining October 2005 had been worldwide 3 Toyota Prius+ graded up by a 9 kWh Lithium battery to a plug-in hybrid. They will replace conventional cars.

It started also with the first car. What coachman thought about this horseless carriage as something serious. They calculated in London the time, when all streets will be completely covered with horse dung.

How many horse carriages are today in towns? Horse carriages are today only tourist attractions.

  New Lithium batteries

Security, 100 Wh per kg weight and 2000 charge cycles promise new Lithium batteries from Valence. 9 kWh from this batteries let the graded up Toyota Prius drive 50km electric only. The battery is only discharged to 20% rest.

  Place name sign means 50km/h speed limit

Today means a place name sign in Austria automatic speed limit 50km/h. Here starts the urban area and urban area means in all the country 50km/h top speed when there is no other speed limit sign.

But soon will the place name sign have also an other meaning. Combustion engine forbidden. Plug-in hybrids are here only allowd with the electric drive. Driving ban for old timers having only a combustion engine.

  Future urban development

New technical development brings new planning targets for municipal politicians and new design possibilities for architects.

Energy turning point full in progress
Application for application will be the word cheap oil and expensive solar energy turned in the opposite. Cheap solar energ and expensive oil will be the oppinion of the masses.

Roof areas for the generation of energy
It does not matter to south, west, east or even a little bit towards north. Each roof surface, each partway sunny facade is urgent necessary for the generation of energy.

Electric power, heat and climate regulation
Big towns have a some degree Celsius more warm climate than the green surroundings. This has not to be like this, however a mad energy wastefulness costing us much money.

End of the compressed urban planing
We live where we yield the solar energy. The required area is regulated by the energy demand. Tendency against compression and pro generous surface usage.

Urban planing: Turn of the parameters
Until now, more compression was the philosophy, but a turn around of many parameters goes in the opposit direction in favor for the people.

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