Energy turning point full in progress

Application for application will be the word cheap oil and expensive solar energy turned in the opposite. Cheap solar energ and expensive oil will be the oppinion of the masses.

  Short before the turning point

We are at the end of the crude oil age. We are in the middle of the energy turning poing. View the prices for solar energy 25 years ago. At this time, it was only possible to say cheap oil, expensive solar energy. Application for application, this changes. At the begining unnoticeably from the public opinion. While most people belive in cheap oil and expensive solar energy, some top experts already demonstrated at building projects and other applications the opposit.

The energy turning point is given, when the public oppinion is expensive oil and cheap solar energy.

  New targets for urban development and architecture

The oil age had been very welcomed from many architects. Looking on many renewal cases from today, the only conclusion is, that wasting energy was 30 to 50 years ago the highest priority at architectures.

In this area was no guiding principle and future planning. Or the thoughts of the architexts had been blocked by the fear from an atomic war. People thought the all out atomic war would happen long before the end of crude oil. So they played with the possibilities of cheap oil without thinking about the future.

  Future urban development

New technical development brings new planning targets for municipal politicians and new design possibilities for architects.

Roof areas for the generation of energy
It does not matter to south, west, east or even a little bit towards north. Each roof surface, each partway sunny facade is urgent necessary for the generation of energy.

Electric power, heat and climate regulation
Big towns have a some degree Celsius more warm climate than the green surroundings. This has not to be like this, however a mad energy wastefulness costing us much money.

End of the compressed urban planing
We live where we yield the solar energy. The required area is regulated by the energy demand. Tendency against compression and pro generous surface usage.

Urban planing: Turn of the parameters
Until now, more compression was the philosophy, but a turn around of many parameters goes in the opposit direction in favor for the people.

Context description:  crude oil epoch
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