Photovoltaic east west roof

The requirement for a flat inclining towards east and west roof influences the decision for the photovoltaic.At unfavorable alignment is amorphous silicon from Unisolar favorite.

Electric power in winter at bad weather conditions is the new target. Not the maximal electric power shield over all the year is the highest target, but an uniform power supply.

  Maximal power yield increases summer winter difference

The design for a maximal yield increases the difference between summer and winter. Best example for this is the GEMINI house designed by me. On the day of summer solstice 16 hours exactly aligned towards the sun. But when it is sunny on the day of the winter solstice, tracking brings only very few additional yield.

  Power supply in the future

Wind and sun are delivering on a good day more than the demand. On a sunny summer day, water storage power plants will pump up water with solar power. Biogas and wood power plants deliver quickly, when sun and wind are not enough. Electric power tarrifs will be dynamic by supply and demand. Not only for the power producers, but also for the consumers.

  Full roof area for maximal yield at cloudy weather

No photovoltaic on the roof! No! All the roof has to be photovoltaic. The photovoltaic roof should be big. As much excess towards the house as possbile. 12m x 12m is the target. 144 squaremeter Uni-Solöar to convert also scanty light into electric power.

Different view points about photovoltaic from our different technical magazines as wide outstretched information about electric power from light.

  Planning an one family house

I started 2004 with the requirements specifications for the planned construction. One year later how the requirements specifications develops to plans.

South side with sunny sight
Who gets the south side? Human or solar equipment? Against most rigid solar architecture, not the solar equipment but the human inhabitants.

Photovoltaic compare
A 20 Watt crystalline silicon photovoltaic from 1998 vs 3 layer amorphous from Uni-Solar. Under dense clouds, the crystalline PV has no chance.

Under the staircase Under the staircase
A rectilinear staircase makes it possible to place below some cupboards. Since the staircase does not count at the living space, it makes more storage capacity possible.

Wardrobe below staircase Wardrobe below staircase
One movement and the wardrobe glides out below the staricase. In many prefabricated component houses are angled staircases where this is impossible.

Shoe box below staricase Shoe box below staricase
The next furniture below the staricase is for shoes, because they need less height than the wardrobe. Passionate optimal space usage.

It snows - anyway electric power from the sun
December 6th 9:00am. Dense snow clouds, the near Untersberg is not visible, it snows. What can a photovoltaic deliver at this weather conditions. Solar power despite snowfall
While the crystalline modul delivers even not enough voltage delivers the Three layer amorphous from Unisolar still 32,6 mA charge current. 398 mW from 0,5m². 12 noon in december
The snowfall has changed to rain. For the human eye as dark as 3 hours berore, but Canon S1 and the  Voltmeter show an evident increase. Cloudy but brighter
December 7th 2005 in Gartenau. Between the clouds is a part of the Untersberg visible. Maybe a little brighter than yesterday. Measurement shows even brighter than yesterday at noon. Dusky or dusky? Difference 1.8
Subjectively, it's as dusky as yesterday. But the electric power yield shows between dusky yesterday 9:00 and today 12:00 is an 1:8 difference. Morning sun behind stratus
Blue sky, over the near hill is some stratus. Subjectively is the weather much brighter than yesterday at 9:00am. But objectively, it was yesterday at the same time brighter. Winter sun behind light clouds
Only 19 degree above the horizont is the sun behind light clouds. At horizontal photovoltaic, this brings only double compared to yesterday noon under clouds. Drawer below the staircase
Finally the third furniture below the staircase. Because of the limited height is only a drawer possible.

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