Energy saving fair Wels 2005

Self photo with infrared camera Self photo with infrared camera
What is normally used to make cold bridges at houses visible is here used as a fair attraction. An infrared camera shows pictures on 4 big screens.

Hydrogen energy cycle Hydrogen energy cycle
Hydrogen economy as a model. Photovoltaic delivers electric power, electrolysis splits water, hydrogen stored, fuel cell delivers electricity.

Home exercise kit heat pump Home exercise kit heat pump
The theory is well known. Higher temperature difference between cold and warm side causes more energy demand for the heat pump.

Heat pump demo Heat pump demo
This modified home exercise kit is for the illustration of the heat pump. The compressor powered by human muscles takes the coolant.

Hall heating with wood pellets Hall heating with wood pellets
Minus 9 degree Celsius 10:00am on the parking lot of the fair. To warm such a tent like fair hall, it's better to rent a 800 kW pellets heating.

Sheep wool insulation Sheep wool insulation
Each cubicmeter contains 16 kg sheep wool. Each sheep delivers about 2 kg wool per year. But how does it happen, that wool is nearly not more expensive than other insulation?

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