Construction fair of Vienna in 2005

Fair report of the construction fair Vienna in February 2005.

Segway sighted in Austria Segway sighted in Austria
Hoval distributed flyers with one of the first segways in Austria on the construction fair in Vienna. A good promotion idea because the exotic Segway is very noticeable.

ERV energy recovery ventilator ERV energy recovery ventilator
This ventilation system recovers not only heat from the outgoing air, but also humidity. less dry air in the living space.

Residential project with Fen Shui and a big pond Residential project with Fen Shui and a big pond
3 different passive houses with divers special features around the common used 90m long pond makes the project living circle.

Window fitting uninterrupted seal Window fitting uninterrupted seal
At normal hinges is the seal interrupted at the hinge. This fitting used at high quality windows makes an uninterrupted seal all around possible.

Segway steering for curves
After reading several years about the Segway in newspapers, now I learn how to steer it. Forward and reverse by weight distribution. Rotating heat exchanger
Here shows Hoval on his booth an energy revovery ventilator with show window. In the rotating heat exchanger are many flues. Feng Shui project in Retz lower Austria
3 architects, 3 different types of passive houses, 17 houses, a big swimming pond in the middle and one society house develops in Retz lower Austria. Triple glass window with integratged rouleau
Also at this 3 glass window is the special fitting for a uninterrupted seal used.

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