Cellar or foundation

When I came along one year ago to the house planning, I still thought a cheap foundation and no cellar. However, with the progress of the planning everything looks completely different.

Garden house device hut Garden house device hut
Without cellar several square meters of garden must be sacrificed as a storage chamber. At -20 up to 50 degrees Celsius, only temperature-insensible materials can be stored there.

Compact gas heating in the storage Compact gas heating in the storage
For what cellar if a modern gas heating has place also in a tiny storage? However, the gas price is coupled to the oil price, a change from shortage of space impossibly.

Deep freeze best located in the cellar Deep freeze best located in the cellar
This deep freezer of Bosch is a class A with 237 kWh of annual consumption. This is measured to German Institute for Standardization with -18 degrees inside and 25 degrees of ambient temperature.

Place for tires store
4 winter tires and again 4 winter tires for the second car of the woman in plastic bags. Where with it if one has built without cellar and also no garage exists? With cellar build certainly about future
Oil and gas becomes expensive. Even if you start with a cheap gas heating, only with a cellar you have later enough place for the change on renewable energy. Wine climate cupboard
Prize question: Where does a wine climate cupboard uses more electric power: In a 10 to 15 degrees of warm cellar or in 20 to 25 degrees of warm kitchen? Wine temperier cupboard optimally put up
The norm consumption is determined at 25 degrees Celsius of ambient temperature. Depending on installation place bigger differences can appear.

Plan for house building - requirements specifications Plan for house building - requirements specifications
From the first idea over the requirements specifications and how this develops to constructions plans. The development of my second plus energy house.

Cellar at house building
To much ground surface of the cellar for a usefull usage. New ideas to use the place below the house better. New demands which will be actual in the next decades.

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