Wood heating - heat with wood

There were wooden stoves of all kind in big choice to see on the Austrobau. Nevertheless, we do not report about that because of a principle technological decision.

  Use no fuel for heating instead of mobility

Our principle decision is: use no fuel for mobility for heating!

An average single family house from 1980 needs 2000 litres a year. A modern minvan can drive with this 30.000 kms

At last at long distances, there is no alternative to liquid fuel. Burning liquid fuel can be avoided by modern technic in houses, so it can be seen as a pointless squandering.

  Liquid fuel from wood

In the foreseeable future firewood will be processed to liquid fuel. Then we will need with exploding oil prices all available wood to win fuel from it.

  Photovoltaic and heat pump for heating

Instead of the wood heating we promote to equip roofs completely with photovoltaic, to provide houses with extreme heat insulation and to heat with the heat pump.

Energy from wood Energy from wood
Where is energy from wood usefull in a long term? Where is the use of wood for energy maybe only a short time fashion hype without sustainability?

  Fair Austrobau 2005

Fair report of construction fair Austrobau February, 2005 in Salzburg

Pressure-watertight cellar for a fixed price Pressure-watertight cellar for a fixed price
I came on the exhibition stand as a fan of the cheap method without cellar. After some discussions about the offer I already wanted to build with a cellar below half the house.

Flat chest of drawers Flat chest of drawers
How only does this big drawer come to the elegnt rounded very flat chest of drawers? Look Precise, the orange border is not the wall.

Braal - the whispering kitchen Braal - the whispering kitchen
What can whisper in a kitchen? Curiously from the advertising saying, I decide to go for the thing on the reason. The solution of the riddle is the seal mechanic of the drawers.

Passable cupboard Passable cupboard
Separee from Bavaria shows his cupboard and sliding door systems. An interesting solution, I include it perhaps in my planning for my own house.

Swimming pond planning Swimming pond planning
A swimming pond belongs to the dreams at the planned house. Besides, the unusual is planned. In search of a competent partner for the realization Claq struck.

House with electric smog blockage
Some suppliers presented on the Austrobau fair proudly steam breaks with integrated blockage against electric smog. However, this can cause the opposite.

Chest of drawers for indirect lighting Chest of drawers for indirect lighting
In front, it is obviously a chest of drawers. Behind it, there is a system for the indirect lighting. The design piece of furniture comes from Skloib Wohndesign.

Furniture wall for flat television Furniture wall for flat television
Earlier, the depth of a residential wall was determined by the depth of the picture tube. The new generation of the flat televisions also needs a new design for their placement.

Kitchen drawer with special fitting Kitchen drawer with special fitting
About 10 cms before the touch, the lively push in drawer becomes all at once much slower. A special drawer fitting provides for this feature.

Passable wardrobe Passable wardrobe
Behind the sliding door is an extensive system of drawers and bars for the clothes. Sliding door to and nothing is to be seen more from all contents.

Swimming pond cleaning Swimming pond cleaning
Instead of in a pump with subpressure, the CLAQ sediment pumper is connected to a high-pressure cleaner as for example from Kärcher. This makes the system very inexpensive.

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