Warmth in a house inuslation and cold bridges

It's possible without expensive infrared camera. Already with a 25.-EUR infrared thermometer, It's possible to investigate thermal insulation and cold bridges in a house.

Infrared thermometer Infrared thermometer
We go on our thermal discovery journey with this infrard thermometer. Push the button the measure the surface temperature.

Roof window Roof window
Good visible, the frame of the window is the worst cold bridge. So is at a window the u-value for the glass and the complete window listed.

External wall temperature External wall temperature
Left from the window is an internal wall, right from the window the front door. At an older not so good insulated house would be the external wall colder.

Morning sun in winter Morning sun in winter
No effect has the deep standing morning sun in winter on the white wall.The higher temperature above is by the floor heating.

Refrigerator Refrigerator
The refrigerator works like a heat pump. The compressor pushes the coolant with high pressure into the condenser on the rearside. The condenser becomes warmer.

Context description:  cold bridge coldbridge bridges coldbridges
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