Golf resort Marmenor

Entrence area with videosupervision and security. Behind the walls the settlement with the golf course is a well protected area for the inhabitants.

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  Mar Menor golf resort: Spain, area Murcia

By our visit in September, 2004 some houses and parts of the golf arrangement were already ready. On the rest of the settlement it was worked intensely.

Summer cottages in the golf course Summer cottages in the golf course
Directly in the golf course are the rows of the houses. Here one sees behind the aquatic obstacle in the golf course 3 villas of the type Perdiguera are to be seen.

Village place with well Village place with well
No old Spanish village with well but a new settlement within a golf course established only just.

The mountain is called " big head " The mountain is called “ big head “
Golf course with aquatic obstacle and sand bunker. Behind the limitation wall of the golf resorts is the mountain looking like a big head.

Golf car Golf car
Only the groundsman is here underway to supervise the quality of the work, however, here the inhabitants of the golf settlement will soon be with your golf cars on the way.

Waste separation after the best German standard Waste separation after the best German standard
Prejudices against Spanish waste customs? At least in the golf resorts of Polaris there is garbage separation completely according to the German model.

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