1998 Zero energy house in Halbenrain

From 1993 application for construction until 1998 had been in Halbenrain, Vulkanland, sourth east part of Styria a generous designed zero energy house built.

Roof gradient for more thermic yield in winter Roof gradient for more thermic yield in winter
48 degree roof gradient towards south, 34 degree towards north.Ths house is turned 5 degree towards west. The steep south roof is fore more solar collectro yield in winter.

Operating expenses paid by negative electric bill Operating expenses paid by negative electric bill
Payments for property tax, canal and garbage. After paying this expenses by the negative electric bill, only -3 EUR remaining operating expenses per month.

Saison storage Saison storage
Normally, saison storages are uneconomically. In this case had the house owner much luck. He got by lucky circumstances 2 of this 30.000 litre tanks

Insulation squirted Insulation squirted
A 25cm thermal insulation had been squirted on the 10m long and 2.2m diameter tanks. The tanks are at the south and west side of the house.

South view zero energy house in Styria Vulaknland
On the upper part of the roof are 48 squaremeter solar collector. Below left and right 24 photovoltaic modules with together 2.1 kW peak South east view Null energy house in Halbenrain
On the esat side is a second entrance.A stair leads to a front door to a large waterproof concrete cellar. Negative electric bill
Each quarter sends the electric company per EFT to the bank account of the house owner. 144.-EUR is the negative electric bill. Little bit more than all other operating expenses. Warm water storage
By the big saison storage in the garden, the 500 liter boiler is heated. Heat exchanger for the swimming pool
The big heat exchanger left is for the solar collectors. The other heat exchanger is for a future swimming pool. The solar collectors are even for this big enough, Regulation for solar equipment
The sun of the house owner was one of the first apple ][ owners in Austria and chief of Enercon wind energy in Austria. No problem for him to design and construct the control system.

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